Do You Wear Lipstick?

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    I LOVE lipstick. However, I have not worn it for months now. Still, lipstick is my favourite cosmetic and beauty enhancer. I love watching lipstick advice blogs on YouTube. I do own a good dozen lipsticks: and plan on wearing them far more often. I also love to wear lipstick to show off my teeth. I write this because I have had a LOT of dental treatment as a child and teenager. Also in adulthood. I have beautiful teeth. I brush them twice a day, daily. I also tend to avoid sweets on the whole.

    Anyhow, lipstick: yes or no?


    Not here. Are there flavoured lipsticks? Because one of my reasons not to wear it was the weird taste!

    I do need lip balm and found that Burt’s Bees is helpful, though it smells better than it tastes.,.


    I very rarely wear it simply because I’m allergic to so many kinds of makeup the chances are that it will it as if I’ve rubbed Chili peppers over my mouth.

    I bought a hypoallergenic fairly neutral one for my brother’s wedding I wore it once i dare say by the time I get it out again it will be too old to actually use.

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    I always wear lipstick usually coordinated with my eye shadow. Even under a mask, its all part of being a woman.


    I have a few red lipsticks


    but I barely wear them. I barely feel the need


    When out I always wear it but since the covid thing I have not if I am going to be wearing a mask. Mostly I am walking in the countyside or otherwise away from people so no mask is required. I too really need lip balm but tend to use lipstick after moisturising.


    Evening .

    Makeup. comes down to just two things   just lippy and eyebrow liner    , as i have no eye brow,s due to being burnt when very young  more so on my right side of face,  i still have a scare   , some times and most day,s i  am just what you see after a wash  so no makeup  , i,m not really bothered , when i go out then yes  just as i said up top any other makeup is not worth my time as it does not help me look better,

    my reason being is my facial feature,s are more masculine  and many people know me any way,  and i,m talking in the 1000,s  so how i saw myself was if people cant accept the way i am and look  then dont bother with me and that sort,s out who are my friends  many i have known and know for over 63 years from age 10.

    The builder,s shop,s  tools and metal work shop,s i have known the guys for years  and i get on well with them  look they are great  and they treat me very well  we have lot,s of laugh,s and give each other a hard time and is just a lot of fun.and they know what i do  so we just have some lovely talk,s

    Many years ago i did health and beauty  so  did do makeup  so i did some training  and lots of practice  so after i decided i did not need it,i have good skin tones and for my age at 73 i,m doing very well and many who met me first time they did not belive my age  so take off 15 or so and they thought i was a lot younger,




    I am wearing the most gorgeous neutral pink lipstick today: it is called “China Rose” by Collection [which used to be Collection 2000]. It isn’t pale and it isn’t dark: it sits nicely inbetween. It is an everyday colour that will suit every skin tone. It has a nice, creamy consistency and goes on really soft and smooth.

    Collection makeup is actually really good. I recently bought a fair few of their lipsticks from Boots and love every colour.

    Why not treat yourself to a gorgeous lipstick? Even if it’s only for a night out with friends!


    Definitely thinking about it! 🙂 Maybe one lipstick shade and one lip gloss when I get to the larger pharmacy next. (Great cosmetics section at that store, hence the reason I’ll wait.)


    Why not treat yourself? You only live once!


    [quote quote=228346]Why not treat yourself? You only live once!

    Unless you are a cat or your name is James Bond lol


    I’m still wearing “China Rose”. I can’t get over how gorgeous the colour is. I also love NYX “Emotions”. It is a cyber purple: perfect for a nightclub.

    Anyhow, lipstick is seriously stylish and gorgeous!


    And China Rose is so popular, it has nearly sold out! I managed to buy one tube: I wanted two tubes. One for my close friend, Vicky, and the other for another close friend of mine.

    I sure know popular lipsticks!


    Have private messaged you back as promised KitKatKitty.


    I will reply soon, Rachel.

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