Do You Wear Lipstick?

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    I love wearing lipstick, but since we’ve had to wear masks when going out, I haven’t worn lipstick in over a year. Now that mask wearing will be easing up, I hope to wear lipstick again. Like nail polish, I wear shades of pink or red. Liptstick is another idea for stocking stuffers. My husband puts lipstick in my Christmas stocking too.


    As I mentioned earlier, I don’t wear it with a mask but luckily don’t need to wear one when out walking. It does seem strange to have less makeup when I am going to town and such like than when I am relaxing nearer home though lol


    I’m not surprised that I heard that lipstick sales are increasing now, at least in the US – as masks are eventually not required as much, people will want to wear their makeup again!


    Yes, I could well imagine there being a shortage of it Rebecca. It’s not made a great difference to me but it would be nice to have the freedom again.

Viewing 4 posts - 16 through 19 (of 19 total)
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