Do You Wear Rings?

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    I have just a bare silver rings, but now I looking for some special. I found interesting brand on instagram, design is really unique. I think about oxidised silver or gold plated silver. Witch is better?


    After not wearing my wedding rings during and for awhile after my divorce, I’m wearing them again. I’m single and NOT looking, and wedding rings help me to send this message that I’m not looking.


    I do wear rings when I go out from time to time. Just around the apartment I tend not to wear rings or much jewelry at all.


    Like everyone I love rings and earrings, I am into choker necklaces these days and the usual wedding and engagement rings. My OCD comes in here as I am obsessive about matching earrings to necklaces and my clothing colours, annoying at times silly me.


    I don’t wear jewelry, my ears aren’t even pierced lol.  I’d wear an engagement ring and wedding ring though!


    I usually wear just a wedding band which I take off at home.

Viewing 6 posts - 16 through 21 (of 21 total)
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