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Do You Write Poetry?

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    Not necessarily on a professional level, but just for your own enjoyment?

    I am lucky enough to be rather good at creative writing. I have never claimed to be someone I’m not, though! Still, my poem “Blue Candy” is very popular. I’ll never be famous like Mariah Carey, but feel blessed to at least have written a small number of successful poems. United Press is gone now, but they liked my work. My poem “Granny And The Jar Of Jam” is a nice poem.

    Back to you guys: have you ever had a poem published? What were people’s reactions? I think having a few poems published – for anyone – is wonderful.

    If you haven’t tried writing poems, why not give it a go? You don’t have to be an expert to enjoy the art-form and read it in your private time. Not all writing has to be genius or anything like that!


    Anyone writing poems?

    I look forward to your replies!


    Not at the moment Kitty, as you know, but you are inspiring me to write at least one in the New Year (why wait you would say lol).  It sounds like a sensible New Year Resolution to me.


    Watch this space and prompt! 🙂



    I used to write,  not really poems but little rhymes for friends and in cards etc havent done anything like that for ages though.


    I love rhymes in cards, cassandra! They are quirky and cool.

    Writing the odd poem for enjoyment is a good pasttime. It is definitely a bit of fun! Or even just a release of emotion. Getting out on paper* is what I find heals me. It is a kind of therapy.

    *or the computer screen, in my case.


    I wrote this one recently:

    Today the Sun is hid away,
    And darkened skies seem here to stay.
    But happiness I’ll find somewhere,
    And when I do, with you I’ll share.

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    Well Kitty, today is a good day for showing the results of my New Year’s resolution. I have written one inspired by today (St Valentine’s Day) and have been working in a more involved example which I will show now. I think I will leave the expertise in poetry to you though.

    A Day of Love
    A day of love we like much more
    Gently we feel, apprehensively we wait
    Some will end happy, some disappointed
    How will it end for me

    Why can’t every day be such
    Happy and contented with love
    Still some being happy is good, some disappointed is bad
    Maybe it is our outlook with the importance it has

    Little Lamps

    Little lamps burning bright
    Glowing gently oh so light
    Little lamps for our delight
    Bringing sound into the night

    Little lamps glass so clear
    I am glad you are so near
    Safely hidden round the back
    To bring the sounds I’d hate to lack

    Little lamps replaced I fear
    By transistors not so dear
    I mourn your passing
    A light I know we’re lacking

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    I think you’ve got skill yourself. I suppose the key is following the rules of poetry, which you have done. Your poems definitely are well constructed and I thoroughly enjoyed reading both of them.

    To be honest, SpinningJen, it is only in later years my poetry has improved. I did start out writing Rime Royals, though. Having a rhyme scheme of AABBCCDD. The technicalities of writing a poem aren’t lost to me. I do like free form, but I always do well with Rime Royals, such as “Blue Candy” and “Memories in Water”. Stanzas I also enjoy writing. I take a unique approach to the subject matter, too. I do enjoy writing ballads and historical/factual poems. I like nursery rhymes, too.

    Anyhow, I am always working on improving my work. I do like to be correct with format but do also experiment with format.


    Thanks Kitty!  I couldn’t say much about the rules. just that things work better when following a pattern – sometimes even if the pattern is not obvious. I don’t read enough poetry to register lots of variations.


    Walking softly in the sand

    lovers walking hand in hand

    seagulls swoop and fill the sky

    the waves roll in and we get soaked !!!!!!


    My favourite poem of mine is “Paint Me The Colours Of The Rainbow”.

    I am an artistic person and this poem has all the colours of the rainbow and is so bright and vibrant. It is also fun and creative. It’s not serious or gloomy. I think it celebrates the spring and summer. It is so, so creative and colourful and expressive: definitely NOT boring.

    I suppose I write all this because I just love paints and paintings and colours. I hope you all feel the same too, when you read my poem!


    Just to inform you, I have written and published an erotic poetry book called “My Heart’s Desire” on Lulu.com. It costs $5, so if you’re interested, then it is there for you to purchase. My pen name is Paula Glynn.

    I am very excited about this new book: it adult material, so don’t lend it to any teenage daughters! I spent a few months writing the poems and many hours editing the material. I tried to format the book as best I could. I also designed the cover and wrote the synopsises myself. It is a book from my heart: do please buy it and see what you think. Because it is very honest about female and male sexuality, although is not crude in any way. There are “rude” words, but that is to be expected in an erotic book: whether poetry or otherwise.

    Thank you! And do tell me your thoughts!


    I received my poetry book “My Heart’s Desire” through the post. I think it well worth a read!* It only costs $5. You’ll love it!

    *This is NOT spam.

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