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    Anyone else here going to admit to being an eavesdropper? I just cant seem to help myself – if someone is having a conversation around me i just have to listen. If someone is near me on a phone I cant help but listen to the whole conversation. I can even watch tv or read at the same time as listening to someone elses conversation. I can even be on the phone and listen to someone else’s conversation whilst having my own.

    Oh and when people start whispering it just makes me even more determined to listen! Anyone else out there going to admit they eavesdrop so I dont feel all alone, or am I just rude?!? lol!



    This post made me laugh lots…I will admit to eavesdropping..I like you just can not help myself.

    Does this mean we are nosey or snoopy? or just inquisitive 😆


    I would say inquisitive veronica! Maybe all us eavesdroppers should apply for a job with mi5? We could be the next intake of ’00’ agents 😉


    I work in an open-plan office and it’s often hard not to overhear things you probably aren’t meant to! I think if people really wanted to say something private they’d go somewhere where they couldn’t be overheard (I would anyway!) so I don’t feel too guilty about overhearing things!


    lol great topic this! I am always telling my kids (as I am sure most parents do) that it is rude to listen to other people’s conversations but lets be honest it is hard to resist! Like you say mookie if people really want to have a private conversation, they should go somewhere private right?!?


    Some people are so loud its hard not to eavesdrop! Its almost as if they want you to.. I sometimes even pipe up if I over hear a question type that I know the answer to. Not rude to make conversation in my opinion.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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