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    I have done just this.

    I went through my email account and just deleted old emails I’ll never read again and folders I don’t need anymore. If you’ve got the time, perhaps you could do the same! It leaves sorting your emails with much less hassle and stress.

    Oh: you could also spring clean your smart phone! Here’s a link to help you out:


    I hope this helps!


    It’s funny you mention that.  I just recently purchased a new laptop, just after I started using a password manager. Before transferring my data, I went through emails, favorites/bookmarks, documents, text files, etc.   I ended up deleting a lot of stuff!   It’s also amazing how many different accounts I have with various sites/apps…67 and counting!


    I still have a lot of data and links from where I used to work, but more especially the company sites which I used to access. I kept many in case I started another job or consultancy in that field but can see that it is very unlikely. At some point I need to go through them as most will be closed accounts now anyway (if fact I know some are as the companies no longer exist). I don’t think 67 but it could well be around 60. It seems to come with technical jobs lol.

    A recent addition seems to be ebay sales. I save to bookmark an item I am thinking of buying but they don’t last long so I need to go and check / delete them often.



    You’re right to keep on top of your bookmark feed and email accounts, SpinningJen. Sorting through digital documents and emails is very important. It keeps you more efficient, too. Having folders with a year in the title is also very important. Then you know which emails and folders to delete that bear no relevance to your life today. Say, for instance, Amazon orders or eBay orders from 2018. It’s like keeping hold of old receipts: there’s no point in keeping them. It’s the past: delete it and let it go.

    Having done this myself, you feel purged and refreshed and in-control.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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