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Encounter With A Spider

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    The spider was in my bedroom and I was ignoring it: leaving it be. It then walked fairly calmly down the wall towards me. The spider decided then to crawl on my bedsheets and onto my left arm. I had to stop it crawling any further on me, so I took hold of one of its legs.When I did this, it shed its leg [not my fault on purpose] but I got it again. I then put the spider in the hallway, alive and safe.

    WHY did the spider approach me like that? Was the spider being aggressive or curious? Was I seen as a threat? It didn’t bite me at all, so perhaps that is my answer.

    Anyhow, I love spiders, but this spider was aware of me being in the same room and actually approached me itself. Weird, right?


    It was maybe cold? Sometimes when I have insects on my hand they don’t want to move off when I give them opportunity.


    Spiders must have heat sensors on their bodies. But it is still weird the spider went straight for me. I never crush a spider, though: I don’t see any spider dropping bombs on Syria or bullying people* In fact, I adore spiders. That seems strange but I feel a connection with the spider: even the tarantula. They are actually amazing creatures. I have Googled pictures of spiders: upclose with mirco-photography they look incredible. Their whole appearance is not as scary as you might assume. They look pretty cute, actually!

    Anyhow, spiders are weird full-stop!

    *Just something I felt compelled to say.


    I don’t get close to them and really don’t want to see photos of them, but I think knowing what they do for us by eating all sorts of bugs I wouldn’t want around – plus having read Charlotte’s Web a lot – I can respect that they have a place and shouldn’t have me going around wanting to kill them.


    Hello, rebecca. Spiders do have a place in the natural world but I agree they should not be disturbed and should just be left to do their job. I certainly am very careful around spiders. Because they are not toys: they are creatures who do their own thing. Plus, some bite. AND I would not be too enthusiastic about handling a tarantula. I’d be able to do it, but I would feel very uncomfortable. It’s like if a massive spider wandered into my apartment, I would be reluctant to go near it. BUT spiders must NEVER be crushed: unless it’s a dangerous spider.

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    We have what I call the “bug release kit” on a shelf of our shoe closet. It’s a tall plastic container, plus a page from a newspaper. To use it, you put the container over the bug/spider, then slide the paper underneath the container, and carry it all outside to release the bug. I tend to get my oldest son to do the job for me! LOL


    Touchwood: no more spiders have appeared. Let’s hope none do any time soon!

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