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    Are you at the end of your tether with your new baby? Has he kept you awake night after night ever since you arrived home from the hospital and you,ve had no sleep? Have you tried everything you can think of to soothe him but nothing works?

    What did your midwife or health visitor say. Were they supportive or did they brush your worries aside and make you feel as though your making a fuss about nothing.

    Is your OH supportive? Has he offered to stay up with the baby so you can get some much needed rest? Maybe you gave up trying to breast feed because your so exhausted your body can,t cope.

    Maybe the baby sleeps during the day but it,s at night that the screaming starts. Does he start at a certain time during the evening? Have you ever got to the stage where you have thought you might seriously harm your baby? Have you had to leave him his cot to cry so you could go out of the room and calm down?

    I remember a friend of mine I used to work with telling me a story about her MIL. When she had the baby, (now my friends hubby) he screamed constantly every day and night for 9 months. It nearly drove her insane and one day she stood at the top of the stairs with him in her arms, looked at her husband and told him she was going to throw him down the stairs, and she did!!!!

    Thankfully her husband caught the baby and my mates MIL collapsed in tears when she realised what she had done. Just goes to show how a newborn baby,s constant crying can drive you to distraction.

    I remember when my youngest was just a few days old. I,d only been in hospital for one night and came home the next day. A couple of nights later he just would not stop crying. In the end I sat on the bed at 4 am and cried my eyes out because I just wanted to sleep. OH eventually got up and took him downstairs. Guess what though? He woke me up after 2 hours sleep!!! >:(

    When my midwife came round she actually thought I looked better!! My eyes were so puffy they looked as if I,d beens stung by a bee. I was exhausted and sore and very tearfull, so how she worked that out I,ll never know.

    Have you ever had to put up with this or do you know someone else who has?


    My boys were fantastic sleepers, no complaints there. My daughter was a lot more difficult though. After the first couple of weeks she decided that she didn’t like her cradel, and screamed holy murder. Most nights I was up till 4am, with her in her lie back vibrating chair, which was the only place she would sleep, while I tried to get an hour or two on the couch before my toddler woke up. It was an awful period of time. Luckily OH helped out when he could some nights. After 3 months or so we moved her into the big cot and she started sleeping a bit better. Not sure how I would have been if it had carried on as long as 9 months!

    Nowadays thankfully she goes to bed at 7pm and that’s her till 9am.

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