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    My boyfriend asked me to marry him on Friday, and I accepted.  I’m really over the moon right now, I’m so very glad this is happening.  He’s really a wonderful man, we haven’t been dating for a “long time” and some people might disapprove, but we both know this is right.  We’ve had a lot of conversations, we’re very compatible in pretty much every way, and we both want the same things for our futures.  I haven’t told my family yet, they haven’t even met him, so I’m a bit nervous about that.  I’m Catholic and I want a wedding in the church, so it’s going to be like about a year if I get started right now.

    My biggest nervous thing is about explaining to people about how long we’ve been dating, I just know I’m going to get judged and told what a mistake I’m making, I’m just really not sure how to handle that.


    Congratulations, Mamie!!!!!!!

    I wouldn’t worry about what others think.  Some people can make good decisions in a short period of time.  Some, like myself, can take two years to make a bad one.

    If others feel the need to judge, you can either tell them that the length of your courtship is none of their business; or you can tell them that the engagement itself is long enough.


    Congratulations dear and I’m so glad that you will marry with the approval of the Catholic church. Gods blessings.


    Congratulations Mamie, That’s wonderful news!

    Don’t worry about the time. It sounds like you will have another year dating anyway.




    Congratulations from me too, time does not matter if it feels the right thing to do and now you have all the excitement of preparing for the wedding, I wish you the best, Mikki x


    Thank you all so very kindly for your support, that really means a lot to me.

    My parents’ 40th anniversary is coming up in September, and I was going to go by myself for like two weeks, but instead I’m just going to go for the weekend and he’s going to come with me, so that’s when he’s going to meet most of my family.  I hope I won’t be upstaging my parents’ anniversary, do you think?  Well they hate each other anyway, I don’t know why they’re still married let alone celebrating 40 years, so I guess it won’t really matter, maybe there’ll be something positive to focus on, lol.


    I am sure they will be delighted to see you both and again good luck.


    congratulations Mamie, as long as you and your SO are together no obstacles will be tough to overcome. accent the positive and bury the negatives with family and friends. lovers have right to secrets.


    Congratulations on your engagement.

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