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    Here in the UK we have a news item involving a female news journalist Carrie Gracie who has resigned from her job as a BBC overseas correspondent because her complaint about not being paid on par with her male colleagues doing the same work has gone unresolved. She was offered a substantial pay increase but this still left her short of her male counterpart salaries. Just wondered what you guys thought of this? Do you have the same issues in the US?

    I would say that Carrie Gracie was extremely good at her job and it’s a real shame she has decided to leave the post.


    But she went back to work in the same newsroom. So what good did quitting her job do her?


    That has confused me as well!



    I think she has returned from China and taken a post in the newsroom. I  know it’s a bit of a cop out but I can see that there is a real principle here that needs addressing.


    I suppose it didn’t do much good if she quit her job just to return to the same newsroom. But I do see your point. I do think it is unfair that women are paid less in the workplace: men do seem to rake it in. But women have always been seen in a different light to men. It isn’t fair and it isn’t right, but it is true. However, working women are moving on up and I believe one day there will be equal pay. We just have to keep pushing and pressurizing men in general. Equal pay and equal rights are, obviously, very important.


    I agree I found out a guy in my office was on more money than me for the same job and I had been there longer. What followed was a big argument that left me in tears but higher management did resolve the issue eventually. Unfortunately bursting into tears just makes them think ” silly woman” however it did work.


    Well in my company we have a dress code for women (and I’m the only one). Gentlemen I’m told don’t need to be told how to dress for business. Hows that for equality?

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    Hi again, I just have too say men are jealous because we can wear a business dress, a skirt suit or slacks. so to get their pleasure they want see us all in skirts everyday and looking nice, this when they generally can wear any old thing in some places.


    Well most my jobs have usually been fairly active, working in healthcare etc. It would have been nice to wear a skirt, as I prefer them, but not very practical.


    Yes Jen, I prefer a skirt or dress  and lucky I guess I can do so as I work in an office a couple of days a week. A bit chilly at the moment here.


    I suppose trousers are more practical, SpinningJen. It’s like the Victorian dresses at the beginning of the 1900’s started to be faded out because women were moving up in employment. And when the first world war came about, women had to do men’s jobs. This meant having to wear practical clothing. That’s your history lesson for the day! LOL. Anyhow, skirts are beautiful, but it really depends on the occasion.

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