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    Hi there,

    I am 34 years old and recently found out from having  abnormal paps, that I have HPV. I’ve been researching different treatment options and I’m leaning towards trying Escharotic Therapy which is a natural treatment where they use a mixture of herbs and apply to the cervix to remove the bad cells. I would like to hear from anyone who has tried this and find out your thoughts about the treatment process and results, and where you had your treatments done.  I live in Maryland and I have located a Naturopathic Doctor (Dr. Desiree Galante), who is about an hour away from where I live, and after more research I found that she originally practiced in CT before moving to MD, so I thought maybe I could get lucky and find someone who has been to this same doctor for this type of treatment and could give me your thoughts!  Also, I would love to speak with anyone who is considering this type of treatment who would want to chat and compare notes!  Any feedback would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance…


    I checked it out and was disturbed by what I found.

    Don’t let a naturopath near your vagina: “black salve” for cervical dysplasia



    I would take my doctor’s advice rather than trying to find some “miracle cure.”

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    my gyno recommend a cone biopsy which removed all of my abnormal cells. he opposed escharotic therapy due to the expect severe scarring on the cervix would impact normal menstruation and fertility.


    I did a bit more research on the Escharotic Therapy and I did read the article in the link sent to me by reply of this post.  I found that the woman who wrote the negative post was a naturopathic doctor who no longer practices and now writes articles on the internet saying many negative things about naturopathy all around.  I will not base my choices on one article written by a woman who seems bitter from her own experiences in life.  I found another website- where I read many positive things about Escharotic Therapy and I have decided to move forward with trying this!  I have scheduled an appointment at Integrative Medicine of Frederick in Elkridge, MD and am excited to meet with the Naturopatic Doctor there to get more in-depth information.  I will post an update after my appointment!


    Look forward to hearing how you get on.. After posting that link I also did more reading and found a surprising number of medical PDF files warning about the dangers. However if you have decided this is the way to go make sure youre practicioner is properly qualified  to carry it out.

    Personally I think choosing unproven methods over sensible medical treatments ill advised,  but hey ho your body your choice.


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