Eye-mirror of the soul

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    Hey ladies,

    Are the eyes are a mirror of someone’s soul?

    It is crazy when you look in a guy’s eyes and can see their kindness, their honesty, the chemistry, isn’t it?

    And it is hard not to fall for it, no?



    be careful, evil eyes can be just as entrancing.

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    I am always wary of guys with nice eyes.

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    I think you can usually see outright hostility and genuine affection, but it is not only the eyes. Along with changes in pupil size there is also minor changes in the muscles around the eyes as well as the rest of the face, which is part of the body language we pick-up on. With some people their general facial structure will give them a particular general look (eg a kind face), which with most may well be correct but not always. An actor has training for ‘getting the right look’, but it is something which most people could learn and fake it, amybe even without realising. With time and experience we learn and see the conflicting signs but, Rhonda says – Be careful!

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    Yes you are right!

    I remember the evil eyes… I thought I was attracted, but something did not want to fit properly… It was the look… I get that now.

    On the other hand, if you look into someone’s eyes and can feel a certain warmth, I just hope my intuition isn’t too wrong… 😉


    You can tell q guy likes you when his pupils dilate, with a smile of course. I love it in a romcom when the actors look at one another in a certain way and you know fireworks are coming, I do blub up a bit when I see that ( I am a softy ).


    Jen- You write with the aire of a professional who knows what they are talking about. Most enlightening observation. I’d hate to try to get something past you.


    You flatter me Rhonda, thank you, but in reality not really. In my art my subjects are people more often than not. To draw or paint anything you have really to be very observant. I am pretty academic and read up on much of what I do. I have a book (amongst others) – “The Artist’s Complete Guide To Facial Expression” by Gary Faigin. At the very least it has made me think about expression.


    I had a friend called Jennifer 20 odd years ago and met her father one day. I could feel the evil like reeking B.O. A few years later Jennifer’s mum was found strangled: her father had murdered her mum with an iron cord “because” she had been having an affair. I KNEW he was evil as soon as I saw into his eyes. No one else could see it, but I could. I swear that man was the devil. I hope he burns.


    Look into the eyes of this kid murderer in Florida. Pure evil. And yesterdays NY Times captioned his picture “A broken child”. How thoroughly naive.


    It is, Rhonda333. The NY Times having sympathy for the devil? I hope not. 17 people dead. There are no words.


    well its there in print. NYT’s is disgustingly liberal.


    Sadly it does happen here occasionally, but it does appear to many here that with lax gun controls it will happen again and again on a regular basis. Has tha NRA shares in the NY Times?


    well I still remember that guy Hamilton that killed all those children in that Scottish village a few year ago.


    You will always get some nut getting hold of a gun somewhere I suppose, but why take their troubles out on innocent people.

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