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fairytale of new york

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    am I the only person who is anoyed by the fact that they changed one of the words in fairytale of new york?


    at least, where I am, when they play the song now (only in the last few weeks). they’ve put santa’s voice over part of the song so they sing you cheap louzy, and santa then says carot- so you cheap louzy carot


    A. santa’s not even in the song- it’s the pogues featuring kirsty maccoll


    b, if you’re not going to play it with the proper words, don’t play it at  all- a cheap louzy carot?. makes it sound like a song for kids


    this is one of my favorite christmas songs, so quite annoyed by this




    It is not one of my favourite songs but I don’t agree with messing with it. They should either not play it at all or completely re-release it done by someone else if the original offends. It’s really the same as taking an old (or even modern) recording of a politician and corrupting the words to mean something completely different. Just imagine how history could be changed if the big speeches from years back (Churchill, Hitler, Martin Luther King etc) were altered so effectively changing their meaning.


    I love this song. Its the tale of a relationship, its happy, its sad, it explores the highs and lows of love. Its a much realer story of Christmas than many of the sugar coated candy cane and snow ones we hear all the time.

    But it should be left alone,  if a station feels its too offensive then either dont play it or play after 9pm.

    BTW has anyone heard the first demo ? Very different lyrics and a different beat..



    I LOVE Fairytale Of New York. It is my favourite Christmas song next to Mariah Carey’s All I Want For Christmas Is You.

    Merry Christmas!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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