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    I’d be a rock star. It isn’t going to happen in this lifetime, but it is a fantasy of mine.

    Over to you!


    Oh I dont know, I think I might like to be like Micheal Palin travelling the world or David Attenborourgh searching the world for rare animals..

    Sharing that adventure with people and yet seeing it all myself first hand…


    GMTA, Cassandra!  I was thinking about a traveling gourmet/gourmand, like Anthony Bourdain.


    My dreams jump about and can include almost anything from being an astronaut to rock star or even explorer. Really I am into everything!


    My fantasy career would be a Broadway star, who moves into acting and does musicals.


    I think fantasy careers are just that: fantasy. It’d be wonderful to be a rockstar, but isn’t possible for me. I suppose we are wherever we fit. I can’t handle crowds of people, can’t handle public speaking, etc. So aiming to have a job in the public eye maybe isn’t the best career option. Plus, my voice is awful and I have no musical ability. I know this because I played the guitar for a few years, yet was never able to compose a decent tune. Plus, I went in front of the school with the other guitar students and – wham – hit the wrong note. OOPS. NEVER again. I gave up the guitar that day.

    This seems like giving up, but I realized I was not a music star. In later years I decided on poetry. I am rather good at it, too. But I don’t write to make money: I write out of enjoyment in using my imagination.

    Anyhow, a fantasy career – for me – would also be going to Mars and building an eco system there, for people to live. It WILL happen one-day: even if it takes a few centuries.


    I suppose we are wherever we fit.

    An interesting phrase Kitty. I have always been one for doing things with my hands and have a very scientific / technical mind. As such I have always read and thought about such things. I used to find, when going to interviews, that things just didn’t go well with admin or other more clerical type jobs. I suppose my lack of interest showed through but several times I was talked out of the job in interview.

    It was good that my main job involved working with people of all ages from about 3 upwards. I am like you with crowds, and did find it hard at first visiting families who I did not know. I enjoyed it. I would never have dreamed of having a job working with people when I was little as I was super shy and petrified of functions. Like your guitar incident, I do remember my first school headmaster making an example of me in front of the class, on more than one occasion. He was nasty!


    Im another one who doesnt like crowds or people that much, yet I enjoyed acting very much, I supposed because I wasnt me on that stage I was whoever the part required me to be.

    I think Ive used that ability in my work. For 17 years I worked as a home carer with elderly and sometimes terminally ill people Ive been told I am gentle caring and very socially driven yet I never felt connected to my job I never bought it home. I remember my ladies birthdays and keep in touch with a couple of them but I never felt overwhelmed by the things I saw.,

    I love animals and many people have asked why I dont work with animals or in a rescue but I think its because this is something I couldnt leave behind I would want to take home all the animals and I would want to beat up all the bad owners!

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    The reason I wrote about being wherever we fit is because all of us are different shapes – so to speak: some are round, others square, others oblong and we have to fit in the slots we fit in. There is no sense in putting an oblong shape into a square slot. I realize this is rather abstract, but it’s true. We all have to be where we fit in: whichever part of society we fit in. It’d also be like walking into a room full of Spanish people who only speak Spanish and trying to communicate in English.

    That is how I see my place in society and how I work out where I fit myself. And I did not fit the world of music.


    I would be an artist as it would be so rewarding but probably not in the financial sense lol. When I was younger and single I did fancy a go at pole dancing at least it would have kept me supple.


    There is supposed to be great pole dancing in the new Jennifer Lopez film: I don’t know the name of the film off my head.

    Anyhow, I am an artist: I made my dream of writing come true. AND I am good at drawing & painting. Even if I were stopped doing creative writing, I would still have my work under my belt. It would be a shame if that were to happen, but I had a small success with United Press and other publishers. At least, I can say I tried. Trying is better than not trying at all.

    I am rather philosophical today.

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    I would not mind trying pole dancing but would be afraid of making a fool of myself. I still do try new things but opportunity does not present itself as much as I get older. The thought of going to a class or something and being in a group of twenty somethings or younger is daunting. I am pretty ageless though and do things others my age would not contemplate. I reminded myself yesterday when, on running up the hill outside her house pushing mum in her wheelchair, it didn’t look elegant or graceful and I know of no others anywhere near my age who would behave that way lol. I was also puffing a bit – well it was a bit of a workout and cheaper than a gym!

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    I was talking to my physio about plans for the summer and I mentioned that I want to go ziplining maybe with my granddaughter.

    She laughed and said she expects to see me later in the year. (obviously not an optimist)

    But talking to my daughter about adventures we mulled over the idea of a sky dive, although as the full time carer of my husband its not responsible to take such risks… However Ive found an indoor skydiving centre about an hours drive from us and its not hugely expensive.. This is now on my ‘to do ‘ list this summer


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    That sounds a good idea Cassandra. I am not aware of anywhere close to me doing this but it would be interesting.

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    I think it’s a great idea! It looks a lot of fun, actually. Real skydiving: no. But indoor skydiving: yes.

    Go for it!

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