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    Some more adverts for you to see KitKatKitty, I remember you saying you like watching, hope you enjoy and let me know if any you like! some other adverts attached which I will let you see again as remember you saying you found them very funny!


    Thank you, Rachel!


    Thought it was time I gave you another quiz KitKatKitty!

    1, Its a boring pouring heavily with rain cold Sunday afternoon with nothing really exciting happening, all your friends/family to busy to meet up, what would most likely be your SECOND choice out of these?
    A Decide its time for shower-head to the bathroom
    B Decide I will put on dinner/do some baking-head to the kitchen
    C Decide I will have a clear out and go through my wardrobe and underwear drawer, try on many of my clothes, bras, knickers/panties – head to the bedroom
    D Decide I will watch a film or find something on TV- head to the living/sitting room

    2, Do you consider yourself to have a good sense of humour?

    3, Your about to head out the door to go out, but just before you head out, your knickers/panties don’t feel completely right and comfortable, you realise you have unfortunately put them on back to front, what do you do?

    4, A double mishap strikes for you in the kitchen as you knock of the work surface accidentally 2 plates and a mug which smash, whats your reaction?

    1. D
    2. Yes: I am a comedian at heart
    3. I’d go into my bedroom and put on a new pair of knickers
    4. Angry at myself and upset that I was so clumsy. I’d also worry about having to pay for new crockery.

    Interesting answers KitKatKitty, another quiz for you if you fancy a go, many of these relate to dealing with stress and setbacks!

    Some of these also are joke questions!

    1, Its in the evening after quite a stressful day for you and you have been beset by a few mishaps throughout the door, what would you most like to do know with yourself?

    2, If you had this massive childrens play area all to yourself at home in picture attached, with no one to see you, which 3 things on there would you most defiantly be interested and excited to go on (you can though give 2 answers if you want)

    3, This question follows on from 1 after about 45 mins of having loads of fun going on the things you want to, your realise you are getting a little hot, but as your completely own and no one could see you, maybe you could be a little naughty, lol! Would you, as your getting quite hot
    A Decide to chuck off your clothes and decide you will carry on enjoying yourself and having fun with just your bra and knickers/panties on lol.
    B Decide your going to carry on in the childrens play area with nothing on whatsoever, you just chuck all your clothes and underwear off leave them on the floor and you go around the play area clothless lol
    C You decide you dont mind just keeping all your clothes on even though you do feel a bit hot.


    1. I would probably cry and avoid talking to anyone until the next day, when I felt better
    2. The trampoline/the coloured ball enclosure/the slide
    3. C

    Thank you!


    Another quiz for you KitKatKitty if you fancy a go!

    1,  Out of  The trampoline/the coloured ball enclosure/the slide, out of these which 1 would you probably like to spend most time in?

    2, In the coloured ball enclosure, would you be tempted to lie down in it?

    3, As your enjoying yourself in the play area, depending on how you look at it obviously, something you may find quite funny starts to occur in your fun, you find every few minutes you keep farting loud, lol your obviously alone when this happens
    A Doesnt make any difference not bothered
    B Actually cant help giggling at myself and think its quite funny farting as I am enjoying myself

    4, You wake up in the middle of the night and find you just cant get back to sleep and still hours till morning and your dont need to get up for work next day. What is your plan?

    A Remind in bed with the light off and continue to try and get back to sleep.

    B Go in the kitchen, get a drink and snack, sit on the sofa and put a film on or do some reading.

    C  Do some reading but in bed.

    1. the coloured ball enclosure
    2. Yes
    3. B
    4. A

    Thank you! Any more questionnaires I could do?

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    Ok then here goes! KitKatKitty,

    If you enjoy doing them, here comes another one!


    1, So your enjoying yourself away in that massive childrens play area, you unexpectedly come across something you find a mirror inside and then notice your figure/body in the mirror? Do you?

    A Walk on not interested

    B Admire your figure for a bit in this mirror

    2,  I did this question before but this time you can give your own worded answer!

    You arrive home from grocery shopping one evening, but disaster strikes before you can get the grocery shopping bags on the kitchen surface, some of your bags split and all the food in the bags go over the kitchen floor and there is quite a mess and much of your grocery shopping is damaged, your eggs are cracked, tomatoes, peppers and canned goods and other things all rolling around over the floor and to make matters worse, you stand a tomato into the floor, then stand backwards and knock a plate off the work surface which smashes!
    What is your reaction to this major setback?

    3, This question also done before, but more stressful as the mishaps happens twice sadly in the space of an hour, Your holding your cup of coffee at home, walking around, but mishap strikes as your about to take a sip the mug falls out your hand! mug smashed and carpet stained! Your answer was Anger and annoyance at myself, then I just get on with clearing it up. After clearing it up, you make another cup of coffee for yourself, however unfortunately bad luck continues to beset you as you unfortunately end up having the same mishap again and you have ended up breaking another coffee mug and got another stain in the carpet? Whats your reaction?



    1. A
    2. I get very annoyed with myself and clear it up immediately. I then check the bags to see why they split and decide to purchase bags from the supermarket that are more secure.
    3. I would believe karma was teaching me a lesson and a curse had been put on me! I’d clear it up – again – and pray it doesn’t happen a third time. I’d then cross my fingers and knock on wood.

    As we are in December now KitKatKitty, only one advert now I will let you watch which you found very funny!


    Fancy another questionaire as well?




    Ok then KitKatKitty, some more questions for you, enjoy

    1,You have mislayed your purse at home, after a long half an hour searching for it, you find it fallen under your bed, what is your reaction?

    2, Imagine on Christmas day your at home alone, in your living room, the exact thing in the turkey attack advert happens to you!! So your at home alone and as this giant turkey attacks and your living room quickly gets messed up in the proccess, explain what would you do and would you put up a fight?


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