Father's Day!

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    What are you doing for the dad in your life or your kids dad?

    I ordered live lobster, clams and oysters from Maine (I’m in Oregon so we don’t do live lobster here). The lobster will get a basic boil, the clams will get steamed in white wine and the oysters will get smoked on the grill served up with bacon wrapped asparagus, small red potatoes and a cool seafood mac salad. SO is the only dad my kids have known despite them both having their own bio-dad. His bio-kids are too cool and busy to hang out with dad so we try to overindulge him.


    We’ll probably grill up some porterhouses, potatoes and vegetables, followed by a spirited game of dominoes and dessert.


    My dad and sister [and myself!] will be going out for a meal on Father’s Day. It’ll just be somewhere local. We’ll also treat him to a bottle of red wine and a bar of Cadbury’s Fruit & Nut.


    My father lives in a different country, I will call him on Father’s Day.


    my father abused me as a child and died in 2013. so i will just pray for his soul and remember the good times with him when alive,


    Sad to hear that bunny. My own father wasn’t much of a part of my life. Celebrate yourself for father’s day. 🙂


    I’m sorry to hear that, bunny1984.

    Father’s Day for our family was alright. Of course, my dad complained the next day about the effect of the chocolate on his sleep! He doesn’t usually eat chocolate for that reason. Still, it was Father’s Day and he did also enjoy a bottle of red wine.

    I hope everyone celebrated in their own way.


    My father also passed away 5 years ago from complications from a Stroke. I remembered him and all the fun times we had together as I do everyday.

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