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    Do you gave one? Whether it be your favorite gap tee, pair of jeans, or flip flops. DO you have a favorite piece of clothing by season. For example, my summer would not be the same without a comfy flip flop. Winter is a favorite lined pair of woolen pants.
    What is your story of clothes?????


    Ha, I have seasonal favs. However, I do favor jeans mostly…. Flips only when we in Ponta… I like my various running shoes rather.

    Winter its boots and more boots… Ski pants I favor mostly I would say… Scarves, hats. Love the winter accessories.

    Summer wear is great…. The bright, cool colors and less clothing lol. In Ponta we live in our bathing suits and sorongs…..Mostly barefooted lol



    This dress always gets me a few compliments, and covers a lot of needs, it is pure silk and lovely to wear. I think it is the collar which made all the difference.

    It also helped us financially a few years back. I had just walked out of my job, and solicitors were advising me against taking up another position.

    This dress was now about 2 years old and had become very famous as Kelly Osbourne had worn it.

    So, people selling it did not know how much it was worth, and people buying it, were prepared to spend good money buying it.

    So as soon as they appeared on ebay, I would offer them £20, for an out of date dress, they mostly bit my hand off. I then sold them on ebay, usually getting between £60 and £90. All this for a dress that had cost £55 when new.

    200 of these must have passed though my hands. 🙂

    If it still fits, I may be buried in it. 😆 😉


    I bought some Skechers Go Walk pumps at the start of the summer and they’re the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever had. Trouble is once my feet get a bit sweaty the shoes honk…


    My patients are starting to report very positively on those Skechers.


    I love wearing jeans. However, they get boring after a while. Still, they are good for lounging around in. I keep them clean & pressed, too.


    I have a dress similar to this one: http://wheretoget.it/look/2364238 I literally wear it on all occasions from dates to parties to work paired with a black blazer.

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    That’s a fun dress Elena! I’ll have to keep my eye out for something in that style for myself. Normally I am a jean and tshirt kind of girl but occasionally I”all rock a dress.

    We are going to a festival in the gardens this weekend so I’ll probably wear a dress. Something light and comfortable.

    Lately, I’m not having fun deciding what to wear. Does anyone else have this problem? I changed my outfit about 5 times last weekend. I used to just be able to pick an outfit and go. Maybe it’s my weight I’m unhappy with. I don’t know why I care so much I used to feel so comfortable with anything but lately I’m questioning that.


    I have a new favourite clothing article: it is a purple top. It is fitted and is the most gorgeous purple colour. I’ve worn it a fair few times. I have a lot of really nice tops and wear them daily: I don’t save the best for Sunday! I don’t think beautiful clothes should be stored away like that: it pays to look good everyday. I would like more trousers. I am loving the summer fashions. I wear trousers mostly and there are loads of bright, patterned pairs available in the shops. I also love white linen trousers: especially in summer. Jeans can get boring, so it helps to shake things up!


    I like jeans, they are so comfortable. If I can wear jeans everyday, I will. The shoes and the top and the accessories can transform the jeans from casual to something more stylish.


    One of my favourites were the sandals I wore all last summer. I still have bands tanned across my feet from wearing them :-S

    Wintertime it is my fleece lined tights. With those and lots of layers I seldom feel cold when out.


    Do you have UniGlo where you are? they have very light, waterproof jacket with some kind of thermo technology built-in. I really like because I don’t like to wear a lot of clothes underneath.


    I love these


    Cute and comfortable looking but can you wear them to go out on the street?


    The soles are rubber, so yes, I have three pairs, one like that, one plain black and one black lace effect, all in canvas. I also stick them in my bag when I go clubbing. You can only dance so long in most heels.

    Are the soles thick enough to support a long walk, let say at least 1-2 miles?

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