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    Anyone have any favourite people from there time on here they have particularly enjoyed speaking to, can mention people still here or that have left here!


    i favor @rhonda333 & @vkrasno the most

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    I like lots of people here. Everyone has their place in my thoughts. I think the main thing is though that people come then go in an instant. There are people I would like to know better but the sad thing about forums is that people do go without obvious reason. Probably just drift away. Usually in personal contact reasons are more obvious and understandable.


    I have to say my favourite person on here is SpinningJen: we are both artistic and have great personalities. rabbithabit also hits the nail on the head with her posts: which is something I like. Being blunt is sometimes refreshing and saves drama in the long-term. I do often believe honesty is the best policy [although sometimes white lies are appropriate]. This is a forum and people do deserve the truth.


    Thank you Kitty. I think similarly about you too! I love your poetry.  I think you have it well with rabbithabit too as she is very down to earth. I do wince a bit sometimes but love her for it. I must say I look forward to Rachel’s posts as, even though they are usually directed toward Kitty, I do love her abstract thought, and the fact that she is a longstanding member, even if a quieter one.

    I thought a bit after my answer yesterday, that it was a bit vague, but I do think it how I feel. I look forward to all well known member’s posts. I don’t like to name people for fear of leaving anyone out. Just because you are not named does not mean you are not there. I just feel some people may not like being in such a poll.  Everyone has their place.

    Perhaps on a negative, but the more I feel about, are those who come and post a single question (however important to them it may be), who seem little interested in responses and disappear as quickly as they came. A fact of life I suppose

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    I’m glad you’re enjoying my poetry, SpinningJen. Some are better than others, but it’s just a bit of fun. Anyhow, rabbithabit is down to earth and tells it how it is, which is something to admire. It is good to have different takes on situations: and so different types of advice. Everyone has their own perspective, at the end of the day.

    I do love it here!

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    There have been so many fantastic women here through the years.  Each one in their own special way I couldnt name just one .


    Many had very difficult stories to tell.

    I remember one lady who came here worried about an abusive relationship. The ladies her supported her and gave advice as best we could.

    Then she vanished, about a year later she resurfaced to tell us that with our advice and support she had been able to get out of her abusive relationship and start a new life for herself and her child.

    We just never know what impact our words will have which is why its important to be kind but honest in everything you say.

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    My favourite member on here was Leda76, she was Canadian I think, I seem to remember, anyone remember her?


    I remember the name, but it was a while back.



    This was the lady I was talking about, anyone  have opinion of her? Click on hi


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    I did like Leda76 a lot.


    I liked her, but as with so many, she didn’t stay around very long 🙁


    No, she didn’t stay long, SpinningJen. Everyone knows I am an long going member: I suppose I am because I feel comfortable here. Everyone knows their own mind and is assertive rather than a bull in a china shop. I don’t see the point of going anywhere. I was on the Cosmo magazine website for a number of years, but it shut down. That was a shame, actually. There was one post I was disgusted with and one username was also awful. But all-in-all it was enjoyable to post at the time.

    Anyhow, Female Forum does need new users, as topics do get old. Still, I am sure other people will find us and contribute without doing a disappearing act.

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    Did you have an opinion on Leda76, KitKatKitty, this was her most major post, assume u remember her, click on hi to see it.





    She seemed friendly and enthusiastic. It had certainly appeared that she’d stay around a long time. I don’t know what happened there. I do feel we need more people on here: it – sometimes – feels like a ghost town. Everyone has really good advice and I would love to help more people solve their IRL problems. Because it is a complicated life with lots of opinions and having people online can clarify situations. Of course this is not true all of the time, but most people are sensible: whether online or in the real world.

    To cut a long story short: I wish there were many more people to spice things up here.

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