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    It really does get quiet on here at times. Maybe it’s that people use their phones and Facebook most of the time?



    Jen, i believe because gals here have activities that keep them away from internet more than classical people that spend majority of day dodlling around net. Work, family and live social events. Personally I prefer face to face actions to LDR ‘s typical actions on internet chat sessions

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    I think you are right! I have a quiet social life, and although I have lots of hobbies, I do spend quite a bit of time on the computer. My job used to include quite a bit of setting up and teaching of computer use. That alongside writing up notes means that it is natural to me. It’s one thing I really miss as I used to visit a lot of people.

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    I love everyone here, you’re all so wonderful to talk to.

    Someone who left whom I miss is Tearknee; she was a lot of fun when she joined, and she posted quite a bit, and she and I talked by private conversation.  She suddenly left one day and never came back.

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    Jen, opposites attract. I have a busy social agenda and no hobbies unless exercising, swimming and shopping count as hobbies. More social to me as seldom do by myself alone. shopping alone is too expensive. Gifting from friends is always the best way to go shopping.

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    I liked Tearknee, too. I often wish there were many more members on here. But it’s an open forum, so anyone can access the site and register with Female Forum. Maybe there should be word of mouth? Or just general advertising on the Internet?

    Just a few thoughts.


    I’d still like  more members. More members = more posts.

    Pray to the Internet god! LOL.

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    Sadly I think FB is killing off forums these days. Sad because we used to have very spirited discussions here and it was a great way to keep home life and home friends seperate from things talked about here. It gives a greater degree of privacy and anonimity allowing people to share and discuss things they otherwise might not feel able to.

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    I was a long-time participant on another forum (> 12 years).  At one time, that forum was also bursting with activity.  The owner of that site had to change her format to be “Google-compliant,” as the site made its money from Google Ads.  The new format was more like a social media format than the one before, and forum participation suffered because of it.

    I agree with Cassandra in that other forms of social media have taken over.


    I agree that the huge Social Media sites in Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and others have taken over the the forums like these. I do however feel though that smaller settings with a lower number of dedicated members can make a forum thrive and it can make for a great community. I truly don’t know how this one is and if the small community generates enough posts to keep the community interested enough, but I will soon find that out. I do believe ladies from all over the country certainly can make there voices heard and should have a lot to say which should certainly be enough to fill up a small forum like this one. Now that I have posted all of that I have just noticed I have been the only person that has posted in the last 6 hours. So I shall see what is activity is ahead for me.

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    Sometimes it is a few days when there is only a post or two, then like this morning there are many, thanks to you today KC. It varies.

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    SpinningJen, I do like a good conversation. I see that other ladies have posted as I have come online this morning before teaching and that is really encouraging.

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    I agree with your posts, Halfpint. It is wonderful having someone increase activity on here. It was a ghost town for a while. And the problem is this website would be shut-down in the end.

    I used to be a member of Cosmo magazine website. They closed it down, I think. I was there for 8 years. I loved that site. Anyhow, I have always been a member of various chatrooms and websites. It is a part of my soul and if this site was lost, I’d be very upset. I think others would be, too.

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    I’ve been here a little over a year, and I sign in only when posting, not to view new posts.  So, my activity isn’t “recorded,” in that respect.

    There are a few of us who have stuck around, then there are those who seek answers to a particular problem and never return.  There are some people who come like a lion and start a lot of threads, but quickly become bored with our leisurely pace.

    Activity ebbs and flows.  I check for new activity almost every day, and nothing happens for weeks.  I just returned from a week-long cruise, and the forum is bursting with activity!  I’m slowly catching up.  🙂

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    As everyone knows, I am a long standing member. I just love offering advice!

    Activity does ebb and flow, TestDummyC. Some weeks here is a ghost town, the next it is bursting with activity. Still, I check it out here all the time and look forward to new members and just catching up with everyone. It is a great website: there’s no doubt about that.

    I hope to be around for a long time to come.

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