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    I finally saw “2010” last night. I’d seen “2001: A Space Odyssey” a couple times, and although I get what the director was going for, it was underwhelming as a sci-fi tale. You need “2010” to finish the story and have it all make sense, so maybe they should have just gone with the second part of the tale originally? Anyway, “2010” was a decent sci-fi movie if you clean up the language and update the special effects. 😉 (Spoiled gal here!) Love both Roy Scheider and John Lithgow!

    Aside from “Star Trek” movies, since that’s my pick for the best sci-fi franchise, my favourite sci-fi movie would be “Arrival.” It blew me away! Can’t spoil it, so I’ll just say it was brilliant and probably requires a re-watch once you get to the point where things are explained…


    Apollo 13: there are no words.

    Such a worthwhile film to watch. Science fiction will soon be science fact. In fact, when Star-Trek first aired on TV in the 1960’s they used touch screen computers. And what do we have today? Science is advancing the world: and for the better.


    Been a while since I watched Apollo 13! I liked that one a bunch and someone bought it for me (back in the days of VHS still…).

    There was a fun documentary about Star Trek and its influence on technology. It was called “How William Shatner Changed the World” and the Shat himself was the host. LOL I think someone should do an updated version now, because that was done in 2005!

    If you’ve ever seen the Star Wars holiday special from 1978 (check YouTube and choose the one with the hilariously dated commercials) I was quite surprised to see a flat screen TV! I’m not sure if other sci-fi was predicting that at the time, but it appeared so modern I got a shock. I’m still holding out hope that Jon Favreau will manage to get it released to the public… (Just need to cut out a 6-minute portion that’s not quite family friendly, and it’s a treat to watch!)


    I like both the Star Trek and Star Wars film sets. I find Star Trek more realistic but don’t watch much fantasy so Star Wars is about as close as it gets. I used to be so much into them that it’s not the modern technolgy that phases me, more so the unrealised uses it is put to.


    Im a Star trek fan .. watched all of the films and the tv shows from TOS right through TNG DS9 Voyager Discovery to Picard.

    As  Sci fi I like the films,  Star man , K-Pax , 12Monkeys but the classics like HG Wells war of the worlds (the B&W version) and the Time machine (again the original) are just brilliant and Ive seen them about 100 times.

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    Star Trek and Star Wars can’t be bettered. True originals and true talent made them.

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    So I guess this means I can get all nerdy about Star Trek here? Hee hee.

    I collected the novelisations of all the Star Trek movies, minus ST Beyond. (Gotta get the graphic novel sometime!) I also have all the movies on DVD or BluRay, whatever was the best deal at the time. It’s funny that I didn’t take the original series seriously until a friend defended it and said that if they’d had the same special effects we did then (in the late ’80’s) then I would probably not be mocking it. She had a point! After that, I got a bit obsessed with all things Star Trek!

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    One day regular people will go into space as easily as boarding a plane.

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