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fears and phobias?

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    You must’ve seriously jumped when that spider fell onto your blanket! I do feel glad you evicted it: rather than killed it. I write this because spiders do have a right to be here (although not in your bed). They control the insect population and do good work. Their cobwebs are a little annoying BUT they are intricate works of art. Spiders – when seen by microscopic photography – look incredible. You will have to Google images of spiders to see what I mean.

    Anyhow, my best friend had a massive black spider walk out from under the sofa the other day. She freaked! It must’ve been terrifying for her. She really fears spiders. Basically, what I am saying is, if a spider does appear don’t kill it: put it outside. Because they are important creatures and mean humans no harm [aside from the dangerous ones in Australia].


    Yes Kitty, I did jump a bit but I knew it was there so less of a shock. I don’t mind being in the same room as them, as long as they keep to themselves. Funnily, it’s the tiny zebra striped ones that jump which are more scary if anything because of the way they suddenly jump.


    I remember our previous next door neighbour coming round one time, wanting a spider moving out of her living room as she was afraid to go into the room where it was. I presume her children removed any when they grew as we have lots where we are.


    that 1 day I will wake up and have no online friends left. I’ll be completely abandoned


    I remember one of the ladies I worked with had a fear of mice, her cat bought one in and dropped it on the floor still half alive she panicked jumped on a table, the table broke she landed on her back and ended up in hospital for 3 days. Then she wouldnt go home until she was convinced there was no residue of mouse left behind!


    A friend told me about a former coworker of his who feared mice.  She had children and didn’t keep her car very clean.  So, a mouse got into her car to get at probable food scraps on her floorboard.  While driving to work, the mouse made an appearance.  Apparently, her fear of mice was so great that she sprang from the car while it was still in motion!  Luckily, the car didn’t go into oncoming traffic and wound up in the ditch.  She managed to not get run over by cars behind her and wasn’t seriously injured, either.

    I can’t imagine being so afraid of something that I would exit a moving vehicle to escape it…unless it was a firearm pointed at me.


    I don’t have a fear of mice, as such, but more of the damage they do. Quite a few years back now we had an infestation in the garage. I didn’t worry too much until the mice decided to nibble through the car window washer feed pipe causing a leak. They were soon sorted after that as I worried in case they nibbled the wiring next. In similar ways it really pushed us in the house too when we had some there. I heard one when going to sleep one night eating into a bag of popcorn which was stored in the bedroom (away from the kids). It didn’t frighten me but the next day brough a concerted effort to remove them. I actually find it very funny to picture the mouse sat up eating popcorn but I am someone who hears every sound and wonders what it is.


    I am nervous about flying. I don’t fear it completely, but there is a slight fear. I know logically the plane will stay in the air: billions of people across the globe use airplanes. But there is anxiety there. I do also fear turbulance. It freaks me out.

    I wish I held NO fear of flying. I still go on the airplane when holidays are booked and I have to, but I can’t help feeling scared.


    I find flying a funny thing. An airliner is like a big bus and when it revs up at the end of the runway for takeoff it seems to me like all the rivets are going to jump out and the engines go bang. Many years ago though I went up in a small plane and the pilot was able to do aerobatics so I asked him to. It was absolutely fantastic and it is strange looking straight down at the ground from the top of a loop. It made me think at the time but I just could not afford the lessons. In another life I would perhaps be an aerobatic pilot. It’s completely different from an airliner.

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