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    Yesterday I felt ill and was off colour. I took a paracetamol and felt better. I went to bed early but couldn’t sleep, so I watched YouTube on my tablet until one in the morning. I woke up in the morning exhausted and fell back asleep. I woke up at 5 this evening feeling better. But now I have another headache.

    I have showered [a late one for me] and have done some cleaning, as it had to be done. But I am still feeling unwell. I don’t think it’s coronavirus. At least, I hope it isn’t. I just feel off with a headache. I know there is nothing you guys can do, but do you think my getting up so late is due to feeling ill yesterday? I haven’t stayed in bed for so long for years and years. I don’t think it is because I am lazy: I think it is because I have a bug of some kind.


    I am sorry to hear  🙁

    You know yourself Kitty. Don’t worry about coronavirus, just keep yourself going in a well relaxed manner and rest when you need. There are a lot of bugs going around at this time of year and they don’t go away when another one comes. I think it is the fear which will make lots of people worse this year.

    I hope you feel better soon 🙂 x


    Thank you, SpinningJen. Your words are a comfort.

    There are a lot of bugs that go around at this time of year. I do take precautions and follow safety advice. I definitely DO NOT want to catch the coronavirus or influenza or anything else for that matter.

    I hope you all stay well, too.


    It’s tough to know what’s what this year for illness or just a bad day. Try not to stress about it.

    So far, I’ve just had a couple bad allergy days this year. Like the time in August I decided it was a good idea to wash all the plush toys at one time, when they hadn’t been washed for ages. Oops! So much dust was overwhelming!

    I think that other than that, I’ve been healthier this year and it may be a result of not getting out among strangers as often, along with increased cleanliness in stores and places we’ve had appointments. Maybe 2020 will be good for cleaning standards…


    I have high cleaning standards and try to live in a hospital-clean home. I have forever decluttering and putting out rubbish bags. I dust, hoover, wash the laundry, do the washing up… And – oddly enough – I actually enjoy cleaning. Having a home – an apartment – I can relax in and not stress about the old pile of magazines, unwashed laundry and dirty crockery really helps boost my mental health. I have a system which I stick to. I don’t live in a showhome, but I do live in a home where no one will catch some weird disease.


    I will have to invite you over once a year Kitty and let you loose in my home for a spring clean Kitty lol. I’m afraid you wouldn’t like it here. With lots of hobbies and academic things it tends to be a constant job re-organising stacks of books and things. For instance, currently, in the spare room, I have four oil paintings which are drying and cannot be tidily stored elsewhere. Being in a little house means either getting rid of lots of things (which I do need to do) or living in organised clutter. I am one who does have the view that a super clean environment is probably not ideal though. I think our immune systems need to be challenged to keep them fit. Thinking in terms of Darwin and evolution, if our immune sytems were not challenged they would steadily lose effectiveness, or try to adapt to the new challenge. Maybe that is why people have more allergies these days?


    My sister is of that viewpoint too, SpinningJen: she believes too-clean an environment means being more prone to allergies. Perhaps she – and yourself – are right. I do know that centuries ago most people didn’t get hayfever in the summer because they were so used to hay and fields and the suchlike. When people started moving into places where there weren’t fields and hay, people lost their immunity to hay: hence the term “hayfever”.

    As for cleaning: I LOVE spring-cleaning my apartment. I always throw stuff out, hoover, sort, spruce-up, tidy… you name it. I am very strict with myself about controlling the clutter. I can’t live in mess and filth. It would drive me nuts. I can’t even leave one cup unwashed.

    Anyhow, I’d love to see your work, SpinningJen. Painting is a wonderful past-time. I absolutely LOVE art and paintings and illustrations and the suchlike. Do upload photos of your work, if you can. I am sure everyone on here will love your work.


    I’m still always feeling vaguely ill. It is nothing I can pinpoint, though: it is just a sickness in my stomach and a headache that sits in my head. I also always feel nauseous. It is horrible. I have to lie down in the daytime because of it. I just want to vomit,  but there is nothing to vomit up. I know that sounds gross but it’s true. I am forever feeling sick. But it isn’t cancer or anything like that.

    I hate feeling this way.


    I feel the same again today. It is a headache and a slight temperature. I hope I feel better soon.


    I hope you feel better soon Kitty. I am clutching at straws here but have you tried meditation or yoga? I have never tried yoga but from time to time meditation has helped me. They relax the body and helps it to become less stressed.


    Thank you for your post, SpinningJen.

    I have tried yoga, thinking about it. I do actually rather like it, too. When lockdown is over I shall check out yoga classes at my local leisure centre. It is strenuous yet stretches the muscles and leaves the body supple. It isn’t an easy exercise like some think. It can be therapuetic,  though. I may take your advice.

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