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Feeling Trapped

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    I’d love to go to Africa too Kitty .. I’d prefer their jungles over South America’s, I don’t know why but the Amazon terrifies me.

    I’ve watched Disney’s “Tarzan” too often, and how I wish I could be Jane Porter (I’d especially like to spend all my time in Africa barefoot, lol)


    Travel is definitely the key to not being trapped. Plus, getting along with 8 billion people on this planet is important.

    Because I have decided to be a better person. I am phoning up friends and just getting along with people. It does mean there will be jealousy, but I have to learn to keep my personal power. That is a whole different subject, though!

    Anyhow, having things to do and places to go is what I am aiming for now. No one wants to be trapped and alone.


    I am going to work on the bus every week. This gets me out of my comfort zone. Although I am happy with my job and would not do anything else. I am going on the bus to meet with my close friend this week. She will always be my friend. We often talk on the telephone and meet up. What I am saying, is that friends and work are stopping me feeling quite so trapped. Branching out more is what I need. I can’t hide in an apartment: there are things to do and people to see.

    I will push forward.


    I did meet my friend today: the bus ride was refreshing. Being out & about in town was therapeutic. Plus, eating lunch at my friend’s apartment was nice.

    Anyhow, I don’t feel trapped knowing I have the bus and time not stopping. No one can stay the same forever. And changes are always for the best. Plus, going to work every week helps keep me sane and level. I think that is true for everyone, though.


    It’s good to have a way to break out from time to time Kitty. Sometimes I like to travel on the train to other places. It feels a lot more relaxing than driving.


    Sometimes getting away from  feeling trapped can be as easy as changing our goals. OH and I used to love going out and we planned to get a camper (RV) and travel around Europe. Sadly with him being ill thats no longer an option.

    He hates being away from home for more than a few hours, he wont eat out and cant follow a film or show. But we changed our goals and  instead of traveling around Europe we go on adventures with our dogs, taking them to nature reserves and beaches . Ive taught OH bird spotting and although he can never remember the names he knows what shapes he is looking for when looking around. This week he saw a buzzard and a bittern (very rare)

    We try to enjoy what freedom we do have and thats better than sitting around moaning about what we are missing out on..

    I do still go out , in fact Ive just got back from my monthly shopping trip to Germany and next week Im off to Ireland.. My son has promised to take me to see a waterfall in co, Wicklow and we will go to the hill of Tara in co Meath. Im really looking forward to that as well as all the reading time I will have on the train to the airport.

    As for lonely I have to say I have never felt more lonely than when I did a sponsered charity walk with my little dog a few years ago,  there were loads of people but they all seemed to know someone else and paired up or walked in groups Remy and I were left to walk alone like outcasts. That was awful and I would never do anything in a group again as a result.

    I like me and I love my dogs,  with them around Im never lonely.

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    • This reply was modified 3 years, 3 months ago by cassandra.

    I think you’re right, cassandra: to make the most of the freedom you do have instead of moaning of what freedom you don’t.

    Enjoy your shopping trip to Germany and your trip to Ireland. Ireland is so, so beautiful. I have been there thousands of times and love every visit.

    It was a shame about the sponsored dog walk you did: to be ingnored like that must’ve been awful. You’re right to never do anything like that again.

    Anyhow, doing mini trips to avoid feeling trapped – but also to enjoy your free-time – is important. I mean, I went on the bus into town on Wednesday and met up with a good friend. Having that does stop that awful trapped feeling. Change has to happen and branching out is always best.

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