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    Today we interview cat – one of the most prolific contributors to our community and on 5 February 2010 she’ll have been a member of Female Forum for a year!

    So, what’s the story behind your name? Are you a modern day cat lady, or just a lover of all things feline?

    I would like to be able to say it is because of my love of cats, but the simple truth is, not long after I met my husband, he started calling me ‘Cat’, and it stuck, I hate Cathy but Cat seems to have worked for me.

    In your profile you mention home improvements as one of your hobbies – what projects have you successfully completed, and have you had any DIY disasters?

    In our current house we have fitted a new kitchen, built a conservatory on, replaced the bathroom, decorated throughout, replaced the fireplace, partitioned a wall and fitted new carpets. Sounds pretty impressive huh? In actual fact we got ‘a man in’ to do all that for us. I can’t actually do any of that stuff myself I’m afraid. My role is to instruct, my husband’s role is usually to pay, and his brother (a Carpenter) carries out the work. The only disasters have been in the choice of colours we have chosen to put on the walls, and sadly we have no one to blame but ourselves!!

    You’re currently in the process of buying a new home – do you look forward to putting your artistic flair to good use? Did you specifically look for a house that you could add your own personal touch to?

    Well, this house kind of found us, rather than the other way around. We wanted to find a place together soon, as this house has always really been my husband’s house before we met, so it’s never quite felt completely ‘ours’. But as it happened, the house next to my father in law had been lying vacant for some time and was worried someone might buy it and he would have neighbours who would complain, complain because he is a bit eccentric and has built everything in his field from a rocket to a false gold mine(as you do). He called us one day and asked if we would like the house, and if so he would help us buy it (as its out of our price range).

    The views are stunning; it has more space than we can dream of so we jumped at the chance. The only drawback being that it hasn’t changed since the 70s which is when my husband once actually lived there as a child, when his dad was building the current house next door. So there’s some family history there too.

    It’s been a long waiting process to get the ball moving on this place but we do look forward to making it our own, we’ll have to put some hard graft into it mind, but I guess its lazy to walk into a house all done for you!

    We are however very fortunate to be given the chance to own a place such as this, it’s not something I take for granted as I was never brought up with such opportunities.

    So new house… enough bedrooms for an addition to the family in the future?!?

    Yes Martin, I’m glad you asked me this, this house would be far too big for the two of us. So with two cats already I have decided it is only fair to give them company and encourage the growth of the family. So I have been thinking about adoption, adopting perhaps a couple of chickens (from battery farming).

    I trust that was the answer you were looking for?

    Err…. OK, on to the next question! One of the reasons we love you is down to the fact you’re not afraid to speak your mind or challenge popular notions (for example, global warming)! Where does that personality trait come from?

    I’m not sure; I’ve never followed a crowd though, in action or opinion although I like to think I’m very diplomatic and not at all offensive. My dad use to embarrass me hugely as a teenager because if something wasn’t right, somewhere, for example food in a restaurant he would complain (& I would shrink). So it may have come from him.

    You’ve mentioned before that you’re a bit of a petrol head! Where did this interest in cars come from? Oh, and what are you currently driving?

    Again I think this may have come from my dad if it came from anyone, we always used to sit down and watch ‘Top Gear’ together, as I still do. I do love cars, If I won a substantial amount on the lotto they would be a real weakness of mine. An Aston martin would be a must for starters. I also love watching the World Rallying too (such skill involved there). My current car is my first car owned from new, last year. It’s a Peugeot 207Hdi in a Ferrari red with all the trimmings (of course), it will have to last us some time now mind.

    Here’s something that’s been confusing me (and surely the rest of the community) – you don’t like hot drinks! How on earth do you get through the winter, and more importantly – WHY don’t you like hot drinks?!?

    I have to say, I can’t understand why you drink hot drinks on a cold day! I just hate the feeling of a drink being warm, warm liquid feels awful to me and also not very refreshing either! I love the smell of soup and tried some recently, I just couldn’t eat it, it was an awful sensation.

    Thank kezflake for this one: Since you started studying for a career in medical admin, do you feel a sense of loss after deciding to no longer pursue your original dream of an artistic career?

    I do actually, I don’t feel I was meant to do the average job in life, I’m creative not academic, if I could have life all over again id move to an area with more opportunities than the area I’m in now, we have the grand selection of nursing, cleaning, waiting on or admin in this area. If I hadn’t met my husband and had no ties I would be elsewhere. Modelling photography always looked exciting and slightly more creative than a wedding!, I guess with the right training that would have been a line to go down if I had life over again. Instead I have had to choose a path best for the area I live in and make the best of things.

    What part of your life makes you the happiest right now?

    Ultimately, my pets and my husband do, or is that the other way around? They are my little life – all 3 of them. But then there are materialistic things that make you happy on a temporary basis, the thought of us starting out in our new house together makes me very happy. But then again a little blue box from Tiffany can spread a smile too!

    What part of your life do you find the most challenging right now?

    Without a doubt, this medical course. Everyone knows their limits; this course has definitely helped me reach mine. Everyone thinks a medical secretarial course must be quite simple, learn about typing, filing and how to fill out the forms and that’s it. But there is so much actual medical
    knowledge to learn – all the same things the doctor has to! Plus so much legal information and the legal acts and dates that go with this information, it’s a nightmare. If I knew then what I know now I would never have done it!

    Name one thing you love about Female Forum.

    It’s you of course Martin! One bloke, all us women, ever feel you are in the minority? No to be honest its simply the close knit group we have on here and those whom we all seem to feel like we know.

    Aww, shucks! What could Female Forum do to become an even better community? You can’t say ‘Nothing’!


    Well, if you could improve the PM reply system it would be a start, as you know I typed all this out once before and the whole lot disappeared for no reason! I did this on Word 2007 in the end! I guess that’s one of life’s little cruelties though, I’m over it now, I just had to cool it!!

    Nothing wrong with our PM system, butter fingers!! Finally, which member of Female Forum should we interview next and what’s the one major question you would like us to ask her?

    If she hasn’t already done one, Cassandra. (Please don’t shout at me if she has and I’ve missed it!). She seems to share my love of animals and concern for animal cruelty. My question to her would be: does she ever feel as hopeless as I do when it comes to saving those animals as we can only do or donate so much yet it feels like a drop in the ocean. I would like to see the same campaigns on the TV once a year for animals as they do for children in need & red nose day.

    Thanks for your time (especially as you had to send your answers to me twice!), cat. Oh and Cassandra – don’t go answering your question until we get your interview sorted out!!


    Cat what a fantastic inverview!! I’ve learnt so much more about you just from reading that. Very well done indeed.

    Now what I want to know is, who gets to interview Martin? 😉


    Cat what a fantastic inverview!! I’ve learnt so much more about you just from reading that. Very well done indeed.

    Now what I want to know is, who gets to interview Martin? 😉

    hope i still have an air of mystery!!.

    YES MARTIN!!, interview time!!!!


    If someone puts an interview together I’ll be happy to get a grilling!


    youre about to open a whole new can of wriggly worms!


    I had to laugh when you mentioned your dad, mine was the same and now if I start to complain my OH will walk away in embarresment funny how you end up taking over these things from your parents!


    I had to laugh when you mentioned your dad, mine was the same and now if I start to complain my OH will walk away in embarresment funny how you end up taking over these things from your parents!

    its very disturbing!!


    I have a new addiction: reading and learning all about women and this site! Thanks for another great interview.

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