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    Today we interview Chatterbox – currently our official ‘Twitterer’!

    So you go by the name of Chatterbox, yet you’re third in our top posters list. Do you think that perhaps we should give your member name over to Souxi?!? In all seriousness – is there any particular story behind that name?

    LOL… Is that a hint to post more Martin?! My name relates to content rather than context. Souxi has a gift and is well structured and defined in what she writes, much more laconic, whereas my verbosity tends to get in the way of what I’m wanting to express. The name comes from my verbosity and the propensity I have to repeat myself (like a parrot). It’s something I find hard to ‘turn off’ in normal conversations.

    You’re a freelance writer – this seems to be an increasingly popular profession amongst women these days; particularly stay at home mothers. How did you get into this field?

    Writing allows the freedom for the creativity of ourselves to flow. My passion is words (The dictionary is my favourite book!) and finding a way to put them together and creating a vision for the reader, is so amazingly fulfilling. Creating a scene through word, is to me the same as an artist painting a picture. While I’d never pictured myself as a writer or author, my mother said some encouraging words in my twenties that healed an enormous chasm in me and it gave me the confidence to do something with my writing. My greatest dream and the ultimate gift for me, would be to have one of my children’s stories published and to have someone else’s child want to have one of my stories read to them at bedtime.

    Poetry is an important part of your life – how did this come about?

    Again, poetry has always allowed a creative aspect to my life. You’re in another world when you paint a picture in this manner. The vision you have in your mind is put on a canvas and illustrated through the use of language. I particularly like using analogies and metaphors to bring life into my poetry. To read a poem and then read it out loud with all the inflection of the voice, brings life and character to a bunch of words that ordinarily wouldn’t say as much. It all came about by studying poetry in school and finding a deeper recess of myself and how much life can be experienced beautifully even in tragedy. A poet expressing something tragic is made beautiful, simply in the use of words. I’d never have thought before taking a real interest in poetry, that something extraordinarily sad could be so incredibly beautiful.

    You have four children – how on earth do you cope with raising a family and being a freelance writer at the same time?

    My children are all adults now but even before this, I wrote. I tended to stay up all hours to get my writing done – the proverbial insomniac. It used to be in the quiet hours of the night that I could find the mental space in order to write; now I have that space in more suitable hours, lol. It was good though when the kids were close by, as I had a sounding board for what I’d written. Kids are great critics!

    It seems that most of your education is focused around human development issues – why does this field interest you so much?

    My life changed dramatically at the age of 14 when I found myself a mother and basically homeless a year later. From there life became one of survival and existence rather than having any essence to it. It was many years of struggle and trying to be accepted for who I was, rather than what I represented in the eyes of others. It taught me that it is very easy to judge another when we are not walking in their shoes. This led me to later on, taking in troubled kids and giving them a place in which they were understood and not judged. I became their voice when they couldn’t find their own and I gave them direction to be what they were inside, rather than be distracted by the judgments of others. I worked for many years with disabled children as well. It has always been important to me to help others find their way when the world seems so dramatic and at times unjustifiably pre-judgmental. I wanted to help those who couldn’t always help themselves.

    Who is your biggest inspiration and why?

    Children are my biggest inspiration as well as normal, everyday people. There is a strength in children to get through all manner of experiences that most adults wouldn’t manage to find their way through. They are so resilient and still able to find a smile no matter how bad things are. They look at the world through very different eyes and it is that vision that I love so much about them. You look into their eyes and there’s a little flame glowing in there and you can’t help but find your own light in it. It is inspiring! Everyday people inspire me. The one’s who get up and do what they’ve got to do despite what they have in their experience. I find most people who have it hard are the ones who find that inner strength and courage to keep going and they find their own inner inspiration and prosperity. They find their joy in the simple things, with their families and their communities and it is inspiring to be a part of the lives of such wonderful human beings.

    Do you feel that you are currently experiencing a period of reflection in your life? Has this helped you reconcile your past and what are you looking forward to in the future?

    Most definitely! I’ve been seeing a very different aspect to life over the last 10 years and it has just kept growing. Life is what we make of it and if we choose to find life sad it is only sadness we have in our lives. Reflection is the perfect expression as we also are a reflection of our way of thinking. When we close our mind we can’t see the beautifulness in every day events. When we open our mind and eyes truly to realize we can choose to see differently, we have the opportunity to change the way we experience everything. We reflect to others what is inside us and I think it’s important to keep tabs on what we are reflecting. While my past can still arouse tears at times, I see it very differently now. Without the events of my past I’d not be who I am today and looking at it through these eyes I see how beautiful it was. I’m not the reflection of the anger and judgment or sadness of the past, my reflection comes from hope and love, compassion and encouragement through the experience it enabled me, and I’m incredibly grateful for it. I recently lost a bit of my way and have found it again with the help of some of our Female Forum members. I’m looking forward to sharing my journey more with others in the form of my writing and my life consultancy business in helping others find their inner directions with renewed vigor and passion.

    You do a great job on Female Forum of offering advice to those looking for help and support. Do you find yourself adopting the role of advice giver in ‘real life’ too? Why do you think you adopted this role and why do you think people approach you for advice?

    Thank you, I take that as an enormous compliment. The people on this forum are enormously giving. They not only give advice when its asked for but they give of themselves in all that they share. It’s a wonderful backdrop to experiencing through others and learning alongside them as well as from them. We all have so very different yet similar experiences and Female Forum enables us to develop our sense of community within the world spectrum. It’s a shared role on the forum and one where I too can go for help and support when I need it. I have been sharing and counseling for several years not only as a business but through groups I’ve been involved with over the years. I’m just drawn to helping others see a different aspect to life and finding themselves within life itself. Realizing peace is a state of mind not an emotion, was a turning point for me. I just want to share that with others.

    Thank Souxi for this one: What’s it like living in Australia with those extreme temperatures? How do you cope with all the natural hazards out there like bushfires?

    Like any other country it just becomes a way of life. Being Australian I don’t see the temperatures as being extreme because I’m used to it, for me it’s the best of both worlds. Where I am, in Queensland, we have cold nights and warm days in winter and the heat in summer.

    We don’t get the rain that Melbourne does or as cold, we basically have year round sun, which is lovely. The climate ranges in Australia from tropical, arid and temperate. So it’s very diverse. At times the bushfires can be horrendous in the Southern states and the cyclones in the Northern states and while it may seem as though our life revolves around these natural disasters, they aren’t as frequent as it seems. Life goes on and you rebuild if you need to. Each occurrence brings about better design in the building structures themselves to cope with the climate and be more sustainable. I would find it more difficult to live in the Tornado Alley in the US where the tornado’s are a regular occurrence but can only go on reports, until you’ve experienced it you can’t know if it is as scary as you imagine.

    What part of your life makes you the happiest right now?

    Finding peace for myself in my relationships and being a grandmother. There is nothing quite like the excitement of children who are so happy to see you. Just makes me glow!

    What part of your life do you find the most challenging right now?

    Hmm… self discipline to work when all I want to do is play with the new internet tools I’ve been given. I am thoroughly enjoying the experience of Twittering and blogging. I need to find the discipline to fit that in with work rather than fit work into the spaces in between play ;).

    Name one thing you love about Female Forum

    I love the community aspect of it. We’re all so different and yet we can share opinions and views openly. Everyone’s opinions are appreciated and valued. It’s so nice to be able to hear what someone has to say and look at things from another perspective and offer your view and no one take an opinion personally. No matter what our perspective is we are all accepted as we are and that’s lovely!

    What could Female Forum do to become an even better community? You can’t say ‘Nothing’!

    Ooh, I think to keep building on the foundations as they are. Why change what works – when you can simply keep building on what is working. These interviews are great as well, in that they allow us to know each other on a deeper level… ‘The inside story’.

    Finally, which member of Female Forum should we interview next and what’s the one major question you would like us to ask her?

    Kezflake. I’d like to know how she goes about correlating what her clients have in mind and meeting the needs of her clients with her own artistic aptitude. I imagine she finds artistic license through incorporating her unique artistic ability into the websites she creates.

    Thanks for your time and for a really insightful interview, Chatterbox – oh and Kezflake, don’t go answering CB’s question until I contact you for an interview! 😉


    CB that was an amazing interview!!! I really enjoyed reading all about your life in Oz, and how you cope out there in the heat. I know you say your used to it, but honestly I’d never cope with it. I’m too much of a wuss. 😆

    You make an enormous and very valuble contribution to Female, because you give out the most fantastic advice to users who need it. You always seem to know the right thing to say, and that comes across in your posts.

    Your also a brilliant twitterer!! I know nothing about being a twittery person, 😆 so hats off to you for doing a great job.

    I cannot wait to read some of your work when it’s published, and it WILL be published, because you have the heart and the determination to succeed. I couldn’t write poetry if my life depended on it, so that’s another talent you have.

    I think that after everything you have been through in your life, you’ve done incredibly well. Your a strong person and a kind person. A person with heart and courage. It’s an honour to know you. Thank you for the compliment about my writing btw, that was kind of you. Which reminds me, I have more articles to write for Female, I’d best get a move on. Can’t be slacking can I? 😆

    A brilliant interview CB, well done. Your an asset to Female. 🙂


    Oh Chatterbox you little ……. 😉

    Finally, which member of Female Forum should we interview next and what’s the one major question you would like us to ask her?

    Kezflake. I’d like to know how she goes about correlating what her clients have in mind and meeting the needs of her clients with her own artistic aptitude. I imagine she finds artistic license through incorporating her unique artistic ability into the websites she creates.

    oh dear :gulp: 😆

    A really interesting interview I enjoyed reading this, I absolutely agree with what you say about finding children inspiring and seeing their fire light inside them.

    I think you give excellent advice, you are so fair and look at things from an angle I may have not seen, this is something I try to take inspiration from when I give advice.

    I hope you reach your dream


    Thank you both so very much! It is the help that I received from you both and the others on here that have led me to moving forward again rather than backwards and I can’t thank you enough for your insight and wisdom.

    I missed putting in here how inspiring all the women on Female Forum are – and YOU are ALL very inspiring. I’d like to think I can call you all friends because that is exactly how it feels. I feel very blessed to know you all!

    Souxi, we do have some days that are extremely hot, but compensate with air conditioning – mind you I find that harder to cope with than the heat because I have to wear warm clothes in summer because the OH freezes the house out. I don’t cope with being cold, he doesn’t like being hot LOL. You should come and try it one day – you might find you like it 😆 . I think we should have a thread where we can post about our countries similar to the posts Oliver was making about China. I found them really interesting! I’d love to know more about the Uk.

    Thankyou for you lovely thoughts and words Souxi. I know your books too will be published. You have a unique style in your writing and its that which gives you your edge – the edge publishers are always looking for. I can’t wait to read your books!!! And I can tell people “I know her.” hehehe. 🙂

    LOL Kez!… I thought you’d like that hehe. ;-P

    I’m very interested in how you go about matching a client to a website. I imagine your job being like combination of an architect, builder and interior designer. It’s a big ask! But of course, don’t answer until you hear from Martin or we’ll get shot LMAO! 😆

    Thank you both… I need a tissue now… :red:


    Once again I’ve really enjoyed this last interview. Now where is Martins? Hehe

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