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    Ja, I guess that could happen…. ummm, lets hope it don’t happen here.


    The site is backed up multiple times per day – touch wood, we should be pretty safe in that regard!




    Odd, spotting this old thread again. The place seemed quiet then, but in comparison to now?


    🙂 Share a link to FF to your social media profiles. The reason I found this place is because I really wanted a community that was female only for the most part. Being single, you get alot of unwelcome and unwanted attention from men and oftentimes people like me are targets for abuse from women who want to start drama.


    Welcome back to the Forum Lisa Ann!


    Thank you Kiwi. I posted a link to the fourm and a friend of mine showed some interest. I hope she’ll think about joining. I like it here. My very first experiences were on message boards and i find it much easier to relate to people in this way than someplace like Facebook or Twitter. Plus, I don’t get harassed here like I have been on other social media. Men see the word single and they become swarming vultures.


    We are a small group. Some of us come and go, so it is nice when someone pops back in! I love catching up and meeting new people who have been here when I was taking a break.

    I am enjoying reading your posts!

    Glad you are finding us a friendly fit! I also like the harassment free enviroment.


    WOW regarding how big this intro post and thread has gotten. In which I’m in totally agreement with everyone that I originally quoted here, but couldn’t fit in the end. Basically, I was at my limit for characters. I for one all for that feature because to me it just saves time.

    Now, back to the original questioned here. I for one also would love to see more then whats already here and what I have suggested in other intro posts/threads that I have did in this area of the forum and my intro part of here. Have ever consider making sub forums inside the original forums as well. Heres my ideas for what I would love to see as well. Beyond news, current events, affairs, science, culture/al, society, rights, issues, religion, ethics, spirit/ual/uality, student/school/college/university/higher education philosophy, reference, and any/everything else, general, off topic.

    At the same time I would love if FF expand and improve their social media networking besides FB (Facebook) and Twitter. To include bbl (Bloglovin), GR (Good Reads), GP (Google Plus), Instagram, PI (Pinterest), TA (Tapatalk), TPC (Tea Party Community), WP (Wikipedia), WP (WordPress), and maybe even more. I’m a little bit sorry for using these () a whole a lot.

    This also applies to making it available in other languages as well. I mean via Google Translate and/or something else along those lines.


    I agree, Jessica A B.


    I agree would love to see the site have more members and content.

Viewing 11 posts - 31 through 41 (of 41 total)

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