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    I bought this beautiful shirtwaist dress earlier this summer because the blue matches my eyes. Also love the full cut, and the fitted bosom. But I knew shoes would be a problem. Its not navy but rather indigo

    Checking Zappos (again) I found these. Perfect color match, pointy toe and slim 3 1/2″ heel. Check out the tiny hearts embossed in the heels.  How did I do girls?

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    Wow.. love the heart detail it really makes them unique…


    The dress is great too with a bit of a vintage vibe going on…

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    agree. My mother wore such a dress many times. Very complimentary to the female figure.


    I agree with Cassandra…love them both, Rhonda.  Even though I could never wear those shoes, I would buy that dress for myself.



    I wear dresses often myself. However, I wear flats with my dresses. This is because I cannot walk long distances in heels. But, anyway, your dress and shoes are beautiful. Enjoy wearing them! You’re obviously a very stylish woman.

    Stay that way!


    Thank you dear, lovely compliment.

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    Being inspired by you, Rhonda333: I bought myself a new pair of shoes the other day. They are trainers, though: not heels. I got the half size and they fit perfectly. I’m afraid I don’t have a photo, but they are grey and pink and waterproof. They are definitely hard wearing. I tend to gravitate towards to flat, comfortable shoes these days. Now I will wear heels when other women are: but for everyday it’ll usually be stylish, comfortable flats. I did buy myself a pair of rainbow wedges, though: and I will wear them.

    Talking of feet: I wash my feet daily in the shower. I use soap AND shower gel. I also use foot cream each night. I love looking after my feet. Never forget your feet when you’re washing yourself in the shower. Feet should be washed daily. Do also use foot cream as I do. You’ll have perfect feet when wearing your sandals if you follow my advice!

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