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Finally Sorted My Bookshelf

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    I did this last night. I removed everything from my bookshelf. I wiped down all the surfaces with anti-bacterial wipes. I put a number of items in a rubbish bag – which I shall get rid of later this morning – and re-organized the whole area. I still have a fair few books – and a small amount of clutter – but it is much less now and looks really good.

    If you’ve got the time, do the same yourself! Oh: I also wiped down all my other surfaces in my lounge with anti-bacterial wipes two days ago. I am vigilant about keeping my apartment hygienic. I also air out my apartment daily. I wash the laundry regularly, too.

    Kim & Aggie move over!

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    Its great that you sorted out your bookshelfs but the wipes…

    They are not as effective as you might think , most dont leave a surface wet enough ( dwell time) to kill harmful bactiria  so they may acrually spread germs instead of removing them.

    Pluse some of the chemicals used in them are no healthy for us humans and they contain plastic so they dont bio degrade clogging up drains and rubbish tips..

    Using a cloth with a solution of white vineger and water is much more effective and eco friendly..   Just a tip…


    Thank you, cassandra. I could use hot water, a cloth and washing up liquid instead. I had no idea the anti-bacterial wipes were ineffective. I certainly do not want to spread germs.

    I shall consider what you’ve said, cassandra. It does help.


    And now I’ve finally sorted my shoe & handbag closet in my hallway!

    I took everything out of the closet: handbags, shoes and scarfs. I then decided which handbags to keep and which handbags to discard. I also threw out about 4 pairs of shoes I was never going to wear again. I then hoovered the floor of the closet. I put the shoes and other items back in neatly afterwards.

    I now have handbags I will definitely use – and can actually see when opening my closet – and shoes that I will actually be able to see in order to pick them out and wear.

    I have also cleaned a few boxes in my bathroom and two soap dishes. I have aired out my apartment today, too. Although I do air out my home daily.

    I feel much, much better and cleansed: having mess and clutter is an awful burden I am eradicating from my apartment.


    Good job! I had time while waiting for the first phone call today, and tidied up one of my clutter spots – usually downstairs in the main living areas, but this one was in my bedroom, tsk tsk. I seem to be great at creating these spots where I accumulate odds and ends, but don’t put them away for various reasons. One spot on its way to being eliminated!


    I am planning my next move on clearing out old things. I have put a lot on hold at the moment though as our binmen have been isolating with covid for the past couple of weeks and charity bags are scarce so there is nowhere to sort things to until they settle down.


    I am going to clean my bathroom and kitchen today. I have put on a load of laundry. I will also air out my apartment later today.

    I am a clean queen!


    And I have finished the cleaning! This is what I did:

    1. Cleaned my bathroom
    2. Cleaned my kitchen
    3. Hoovered entire apartment
    4. Took out the rubbish & recycling
    5. Washed the laundry
    6. Am airing out my apartment
    7. Am running the dehumidifier

    I do like to keep my home spick & span. It’s just a restful afternoon for me now. I shall make myself some lunch and then wander out for a brief walk.

    Enjoy your spring-like February day!


    Have private messaged you back as promised KitKatKitty!


    Thank you, Rachel!


    Look forward to hopefully maybe hearing from you today!


    I replied a few hours ago, Rachel. I hope you like reading my reply!


    I almost copied my mum tonight from the old days when she got so tired of my messy bedroom that she swept a whole lot of junk on my desk into a single box – and left it for me to organise.

    I like to organise a whole lot more nowadays, so I interfered with the middle guy’s desk and tidied it up, which led to putting things in his closet and some more organising there. I will excuse my interference because of his having extra challenges due to ADHD and not caring about organising, yet needing it!

    I also tidied in the other bedroom that the oldest and youngest share. Some of that was just removing a couple boxes of items that must still be sorted. They’ll wait forever if I don’t meddle!

    However, I intend to teach them all to do this organising bit by bit themselves so that I’m not needed in the process. Today was one of the times I couldn’t wait any longer for those lessons to be complete! 😉


    I love tidying and organizing things too, Rebecca!

    I am always going through drawers and cupboards and just sorting through everything and throwing a lot of stuff away. Because – the truth is – I don’t want loads of stuff. I don’t want clutter, dust and mess. I really fight the mess.

    Also – years ago – I would struggle to clean my apartment. I now no longer struggle to do so. I am forever wiping down surfaces and cleaning the floor. I just like a hygienic home.

    Now it is very nearly spring: it is time for everyone to spring-clean their home! It feels so cleansing to declutter and dust and just make your home new again.


    I definitely will always live in an apartment: rather than a house. A house takes a LOT of work: it’s a job in itself. Even keeping my apartment clean takes a lot of effort. I certainly don’t mind making that effort but only in my own apartment. I don’t envy people with big houses: they’re usually full of clutter and take a lot of money and superhuman effort to keep clean & organized: no thank you. Plus – by living in a smaller home – you are much more motivated to go out into the world. Because I don’t have bedrooms and rooms to hide in, I have no choice but to go out and socialize and – basically – face any fear I may have. It’s hard to hide in a one bedroom apartment. And you can’t spend 24 hours in a small space. I do far more, now that I don’t live in my dad’s house. Of course – because of COVID-19 – I do have to stay in more often. But when it’s gone I’ll be able to travel. Because travel is my life dream this year*.


    I am going to go out & about far more often. This includes attending a higher English course at college in September part-time. I will also travel around England on train and coach. I really want to explore England, because this is such a beautiful country and I feel it’ll broaden my horizons. I don’t want to be trapped in a apartment. Don’t get me wrong – I love my apartment – but I need to do more with my life and see the world.

    Do you all have a similar dream, after COVID-19 has locked down the world? Because the coronavirus has made a lot of people realize they’ve only got one life: and need to make the most of their short time on this beautiful planet.

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