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    I tend to dig in! I enjoy my food and always will.

    However, I eat in company and stop eating when I’m full: even if I don’t clear my plate. Again, however, I do enjoy my food and won’t deny myself. I am 40 years old in a few years time and those days of fad dieting are over. I’m not a girl anymore and don’t put up with the pressure of losing weight. Sure, I care about how I look, but just don’t bother with the diets anymore. Why bother? If I was going to be fat – to be blunt – I would be by now.

    Also, eat a little and often. Don’t deny yourself. Stop the denial and watch the cravings vanish. Free your mind from diets and just eat your plate of food. If anyone asks, just say it’s your treat day.


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    Fridays is my treat with a large fish and lots of chips LOL. Inerestingly I do find things easier when not worrying about diet. I think the worry automatically makes us want to eat more.


    Ive never been on a diet as such and I dont intend to start any time soon…

    OH had a heart attack in 2014 and although all his blood tests cholesterol sugar etc were within normal limits we did make changes to our way of life to cut fats sugars and increase our ‘healthy’ intakes. He lost 6 kilos but even though I was working I didnt lose an ounce! Thats what comes of having your metabolism being artifically regulated by medication…

    (Since my raditation treatment for thyroid disease I am totally reliant on medication to control my metabolism)

    So I am heavier than I would like to be /used to be but my weight has been the same since about 2011 so I cannot complain.

    I love food and cooking but I think as long as everything is in moderation its fine to eat what you want.  I would prefer to have a small portion of something seriously yummy than a large portion of something yuk.

    Last night we had home made jerk chicken with rice and peas… (nigella recipie)  seriously yummy..

    Tonight a small steak and lots of salad I will enjoy that just as much but I know that it balances with yesterdays extra special meal.


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    Diets don’t work. That’s my motto.

    Eating right is better than following fad trends.

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    Did you get my message KitKatKitty which I PM to you!


    Diets don’t work. That’s my motto.

    Eating right is better than following fad trends.

    Absolutly agree,

    I had a school friend who was always overweight, she has been on every diet in the world from the cabbage soup to strawberry and champange to cambridge, atkins, slimming world, jenny craig, south beach, mediterrainen,milkshakes , meal replacement bars, diet tea , diet gum, diet pills,   WW. Shes tried toning tables, fat buster clubs, and zumba in an effort to loose weight, she has spent thousands and thousands of pounds and each one gives her a result…. temporarily. She has three wardrobes with clothes ranging from a size 12 or 14 up to a size 22. Its sad to see her waste her life and money chasing this dream yet if she simply changed her way of life slightly she might get there , it would be slower but she would do it and more healthily. She even took up smoking because she heard it was an appitite supressant ! that is a new level of madness in the weight loss game.

    She does things like getting up late then grabbing a can of coke and a muffin to eat for breakfast as she drives to work. She will diet, loose a stone then ‘treat’ herself to a huge family pizza and a tub of dairy ice cream, she eats salad but only smothered in dressing, she lives off of ready made meals and takeaway style food , only ever exercises if its part of some new fad and wonders why she cant maintain a weight.

    Ive had three children and remained the same weight throughout my life until my graves disease took over but Im now steady again. No  fads no gum no diet pills. Just sensible eating and regular exercise. Boring but it works …

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    The worst thing is, cassandra, so many people have actually increased their weight by going on diets. If someone doesn’t eat enough for a day, they’re more likely to raid the fridge. Whereas people who are sensible and eat their cornflakes in the morning and a light lunch and a homecooked dinner, don’t raid the fridge at midnight.

    There is nothing more likely than someone eating pizza and crisps if they haven’t eaten normal meals. Meal replacement drinks do not fill someone up and leaves them hungry and miserable. Then the body cries out for food and the person chooses the pizza: that type of thing. Laxatives: we won’t even go there. Nothing is going to make someone need to loo more quickly than laxatives.

    Basically, eating for health is my goal. I eat for nutrition and energy to work. I don’t obsess about weight loss or read diet books. I also eat the odd slice of cake. I have a positive body image and always will. Plus, I’ll never be mega-skinny anyhow:  my genetics are Irish and all the women in my family are curvy. That’s the way we’re made.

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    Have responded back to your message KitKatKitty!


    Thank you, Rachel!


    Have responded back to you KitKatKitty from the afternoon!


    At the moment I am enjoying a chicken, cheese and tomato sandwich: shop bought. It’s delicious! I do love my sandwiches.

    What’s your favourite sandwich?


    Probably cheese and onion. I prefer home made sandwiches with real butter and chunky bread.


    Im off to Germany tomorrow and their sandwiches are super.. They tend to use some kind of herb soft cheese instead of butter and they dont hold back on the fillings.

    It depends what time of eyar it is and what mood Im in but I love the panini with tomatoe mozzerella or the corner sandwich with crisp shredded lettuce ham and egg. Or even the hot tuna grilled one…

    One thing that is crucial to a good sandwich is decent bread, I cant stand soggy sloppy bread.



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