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Food Elimination Diet: No Starvation

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    I don’t starve myself BUT I have eliminated certain foods. These are:

    1. Crisps
    2. Mini cakes
    3. Ice cream
    4. Takeaways
    5. Coca-cola
    6. Pizza
    7. Cheap readymeals

    Food I DO eat:

    1. Vegetables
    2. Meat: I am afraid I’ll never be vegetarian
    3. Yogurt
    4. Cheese crackers
    5. Tuna sandwiches
    6. Chocolate
    7. Chinese food
    8. Cheese toasties
    9. Custard!*

    There are other foods, but those listed are the main ones.

    *Just joking.


    Surely cheese and onion toasties Kitty..


    A long time ago I took the decsion to eat only food I liked and not just for the sake of eating it.

    Cola of any kind was one of the first things I ditched.. Suffering years of drinking that vile stuff as the only non alcoholic drink people often had.  I decided if people didnt have anything suitable they could make me tea.. After all I was the guest and I was often driving..

    In recent years we have cut out meat portions to 125gr and increased our green veg prtions.

    We dont add salt to things

    We have never been much for snack or take away foods anyway except for a Chinese meal once or twice a year on birthdays (although we have agreed to cook this ourselves too)

    Ready meals and pizza have never been on the menu I make my own pizza with fresh pesto and cheese if we want it.

    We stopped using hard fats to cook and use a dispenser for  oil (rapeseed) so we use just a teaspoon or two if that, but we also bought an air fryer which has really changed the way we cook.

    We dont deny ourselves treats but we remember that they are treats and not everyday foods..

    I know my blood sugar and cholesterol is better than many women half my age which Im pleased about,  I have health issues and I dont want to make them worse by eating badly.



    Speaking as a big seafood eater I do see quite a few things missing off either list Kitty lol. I don’t really have a list although there are some foods I don’t particularly like (such as jellies). Usually I eat plenty of fresh fruit and veg with a little meat or fish. Ready meals, cakes and desserts are rare but, for immediate consumption, I will buy things like ready meals if looking Ok and on the reduced shelf. It’s not that I don’t like a McDonalds (for instance), it’s usually that opportunity does not present itself and I prefer to cook. My only regular takeaway is fish and chips once a week.


    I would really struggle giving up crisps, takeaways and coca-cola, even though my favorite drink is dr pepper. I love the variations of cola, such as the vanilla or the cherry.


    as for the foods you eat, most of my menu is made up of meat (mainly chicken), so like you, I couldn’t turn vegetarian either. it’s an interesting one, I cry when I hear about the animals slaughtered but still eat them. I don’t like any vegetables, actually.


    I am even known for saying ” I only like  potatoes if they are chip shaped”


    fruit I’ll eat, and try to start my morning every day with a small fruit salad (usually some grapes, peaches and plums)


    That is certainly your prerogative, emily91. I think a lot of people don’t like veg, too. I suppose we all eat differently. I DO like coca-cola: I just only drink it when out at the pub. I wouldn’t buy a big bottle for myself. Ice cream is nice too, but – again – I wouldn’t buy a tub for myself. I would have maybe one or two cones in the summer.

    I suppose I just have done so much cooking that I am able to appreciate food and vegetables. I know what is going on my plate, basically. I have made dinner for years and years now. This gives me a different perspective to food and diet. I enjoy healthy food these days. I still love dessert, though. I love Eton Mess, cheesecake and apple crumble. Plus, the odd slice of birthday cake.

    I don’t restrict myself or tell myself I must not eat certain things. I would never “ban” a food. Occasionally I will have a glass of coca-cola. Or I will have an ice cream cone. But I don’t crave those foods all the time.


    one thing I forgot to mention in my last post, I like to plan my menu a week in advance.


    so I know what I am eating every night for a week


    usually plan it wednesday, do the online shopping thursday and get the stuff by friday (I use asda). when I was younger and lived with my parents, their was nothing like a meal plan


    so it helps…


    when I lived in London and had all shops on my doorstep I must admit I didn’t really do meal planning either but moving to the Netherlands living in a village with the closest shop about a 3 and a half mile bike ride I soon learnt the value of meal planning..

    now I do it all the time and I have one of those wipe off whiteboards attached to my fridge and it’s really easy to write down the meals so that everybody knows what’s on the menu for the coming week.

    although this has backfired when my daughter has seen something she rather likes on the menu and invited herself for dinner lol.


    Being organised is certainly key to healthy nutrition.

    I always cook: the kitchen is my second home. I definitely keep busy [also in other areas of life].


    I just want to add my opinion on meal replacement shakes: I don’t think they’re a good idea. They don’t stop hunger and aren’t nutritious enough. They are anti-social and make a person more obsessed with food. I do think – if someone goes down this route – they will end up eating more than usual and will be more food obsessed.

    Diet is about nutrition and health: not being the skinniest person in the room. Food education is key to health and weight-loss: not some short-term diet. Because once the diet is stopped, the person will go back to their original eating habits and end up re-gaining the weight. And YOU DO NOT WANT TO ABUSE LAXATIVES. I can’t stress this enough: because your bowel with GO. Be very, very careful about weight-loss pills.

    Think long-term and in terms of health: not looking like a fashion model.


    Its old but this documentary  *The men who made us thin*  talks about the diet industry. In it is the man who invented and sells the whole meal shake thing admits that it doesnt work and that he makes tons of money from return customers…

    Anyone thinking of going on a diet plan should watch this and see how we are fooled into thinking we are ugly and fat and need this stupid fad diets when all we are really doing is making their wallets fat. The desirable weight, is based on a 25yr old ! From a man with no scientific background..

    Even the glorious BMI comes under scrutiny explaining how it came into being and how an insurence company messed about with it for their own gain ..Plus if you’ve seen latest news doctors are now admitting that the BMI chart is not all its cracked up to be because it doesnt take muscle mass into account..





    I am amused at one of those current diets advertised on the TV with which  they have the food delivered to you. The small print advises that they don’t send the fresh fruit and veg which you can add if you wish. I don’t know what is in the package but if there is no fruit and veg I really wonder how healthy it is.


    It goes to show, SpinningJen, you can’t trust advertisements! There is always the small print. Like with TalkTalk, they say – on their ads – it is only $25 a month on top of line rental. LIARS. Their monthly fee goes up to $50 odd. The worst thing is, I use TalkTalk. They claimed their service was low cost – lower than BT – and they lied. BT is actually cheaper.

    Again, don’t trust adverts.


    One thing that I have noticed about phone providers is that you can be on a fixed price contract which they don’t change the price of but if you have extras like a smaller cost to cover free calls they often increase the price of these with little warning. I have one with anytime calls which they increased like that. When I asked them to remove it they then instantly gave me six months at half price just so that I kept it. It’s best to check the small print as I think all the companies are just as bad as each other.


    Your posts have hit the nail on the head: both you cassandra and SpinningJen.

    I cannot fault your opinions and observations. In both diet and Internet providers. As you’ve stated, SpinningJen: all these companies are as bad as each other. But they are there to make a profit. Still, I cannot go without the Internet. The Internet is a lifeline and gives me freedom. So I suck it up and pay TalkTalk their high fees monthly. At least their connection is 99% reliable. Again, I can NOT live without my computer and Internet. I get to do my own work and pursue my writing career because I have access to the worldwide web.

    I do know this is true for mostly everyone, though. And the world is digital now. I move with the world.

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