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    I don’t bother these days. If I want a carrot, I’ll have a carrot. If I want a slice of cake, that’s what I’ll have. I don’t bother with the diet pills/meal replacements/starvation diet/or liquid diet. Because I weigh what I weigh and that is the end of it.

    I turn 39 in December, and diets are really for the young. Vanity is great for all ages, but when you’re older, you don’t need to be skinny to fit in. Only younger women tend to want to be thin for fashion. Of course this is a sweeping statement – and there are many exceptions to this – but fashion and being skinny matters less to me now I’m older. I don’t even count calories and never starve myself. I eat normally and properly without fear or judgement of others weight issues. I eat for nutrition: not to fit in a tiny bikini.

    Is this your approach or do you feel dieting is the right choice for yourself? Are you less concerned about being slim now you’re older or is it still very important to you to diet? I look forward to reading your views.


    Although I would not call myself a fitness fanatic I do like to be fit. Being overweight to me would be a problem as I would have more problem bending down to reach something or raising my foot to head height to tie shoelaces – I like to think I can do these bendy stretchy things and one of the things I wanted when little was to be a ballet dancer but never was. I love the way gymnasts can bend too. I used to copy some things. I am also able to crawl through tiny places too like under the bed to reach things (a good storage area full of cases, books etc). It’s not so much fitting in with me, more living how I like to, which tends to be far younger than I am.


    I have never been on a diet and I never intend to do so. I always remained the same weight, only gaining when I was pregnant and then loosing the weight again soon after.

    When I devleoped graves disease I lost about 15 kilos in 6 weeks, and looked like death my bones sticking out all over it was awful then I was treated with radioactive iodine and gained over 35 kilos in 12 weeks and I looked like a hippo. Ive now settled into a weight its more than I would like , more than my old pre- graves weight but its steady.

    My blood work is all fantastic so the extra pounds I have I live with. Im fit and active as I can be and I still dont intend to diet. The only people who profit from diet plans are the sales people.  Only changes to lifestyle help to lose weight and keep it off and in all honesty being healthy is more important than just ‘being slim’.

    Ive never been vain or a fashion victim so that doesnt play any part in my body image. I just like to be fit and healthy.


    Health should be priority: not slim for fitting fashion. So it is great that you’re fit & healthy, cassandra. Getting over such an awful illness is wonderful and I am glad you’re feeling better. Weight can often be affected by illness: my sister had a virus and lost a fair amount of weight. She had to have 7 vials of blood taken from her arm in one session. So being ill isn’t a good way to lose weight just in case anyone random reading this thinks it is].

    I do think, though, that there can be the notion that if someone is ill or has a heart attack it is because they’re “fat” and “greedy” and that it is their fault they’re overweight. . Every health article I read warns of the dangers of weight gain and being overweight. It can lead to heart attacks, diabetes. Yet it is assumed the “slim” don’t suffer these things. But they do. Being smaller does not necessarily make someone healthier. That overweight woman may not smoke, whereas the skinny woman could. Who is healthy then?

    I am sorry to rant, but I am curvy and it bothers me to read all this propaganda.

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    I remember the tray full of vials of blood Kitty as my doctor once ordered full tests for me. I don’t remember exactly how many but there were quite a few. The worst time was once when they noted details of a vial wrongly and had to redo but at least they were vigilant.

    It’s funny how you imagine people. I, at least at first, imagined you thin Kitty. I have great imagination and have little pictures of most everyone. It just shows how different things can be, but personalities do come through which is the important thing.


    I remember once they had just take a load of blood work from me and as the nurse turned her sleeve caught the tray and the whole lot fell to the floor.. They had to do it all again, I bruise really easily and my arms ended up black and blue for a week.

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    That’s awful, cassandra. The nurse was awfully clumsy. Having to have that kind of treatment repeated is horrible.

    I have had blood tests. In fact, I’ve had more blood tests than I can count on both hands. They’re awful but I turn away when the nurse draws the blood. Still, it has to be done if I want the doctor to treat me.

    You’ve got my sympathy, though.


    Just to note: I am not overweight, overweight. And I don’t overeat and am not greedy. I just respect my body and don’t abuse it with diets and diet pills, etc. Eating is for health: but not with the aim of losing weight.

    Some people are meant to be curvy and that is what is beautiful. Nicki Minaj is a big woman, yet incredibly attractive. I think those type of role models are valuable and show that real women are equally as gorgeous as any model.

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    Do you eat for nutrition or to stay slim? Of course, you can aim for both, but my priority is health. Because I’ll be 40 years old next year, my attitude to food has changed. I eat when I am hungry: rather than what time of day it is. I also keep a food diary on my computer, to track my weight: I don’t stress out about every pound, but I do like to keep my weight level. However, I do not starve myself and never go on diets. I also avoid diet pills, as you know.

    I believe, too, that food should be enjoyed: rather than feared. The human body needs food to function. It cannot survive for too long without food. Some people believe they don’t need to eat and that they’ll be fine without eating for a few days: their body does not see it that way. Years ago I reduced my food intake and got the shakes and all that because of it. I hope others don’t make the same mistake.

    My message: enjoy your food and ignore magazine diets. Eat for nutrition and exercise when you feel like it: not when you’re told.

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    My message: enjoy your food and ignore magazine diets. Eat for nutrition and exercise when you feel like it: not when you’re told.

    Well said,  if you want to adjust your diet go to a proper nutritionalist not some slimming club. There are ways to enjoy food eat lots and still stay within your desired weight.




    You’re absolute right, Cassandra. There are ways to enjoy one’s food and still stay slim. Seeing a nutritionist is the sensible option: a slimming club doesn’t really focus on health so much, but more on thinness. But I am my own slimming club. I eat sensibly and I eat for health. Food is delicious and I won’t deny myself. I just use common sense. I mean, if I eat four packets of crisps, I’m likely to put on weight. And this goes for other food items.

    Common sense rules my head.

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