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    Is anyone else like me and always on the lookout for free samples? If so, what is the best free sample you’ve had? I am still waiting for that free ferrari and free robotic house cleaner, but have been pretty happy with getting free samples of shower gels and shampoos – especially when you get the full size bottles they last for ages!


    Hey Sally

    ye im always on the lookout too….love out cheap or even better free…lol..check out


    If you sign up 4 weekly email (totally trustworthy site, no spam etc)… Iv had loadsa free/cheap stuff thru them including two absolutely free return air tickets!!!!

    Happy freebie-ing!!



    Ive heard of that site before Saffi – I think I need to sign up, I seem to always miss out on the good offers. I think the best free sample I ever got was a free copy of the new testament when at school. Does that even count as a sample?!?



    Err..could count…if you were into the God thing…and Im not…no offence to anyone who is tho…..personally i’d have chucked it back at ’em and told ’em go stuff it where Gods’ light dont shine!!!!….lol…lol

    Happy biblebashing….lol

    P.s….u made me morning with that un….lol

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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