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    I am just wondering if I’m the only person who seems to be getting friend requests on here from members who have never posted or we’ve never heard of?


    I just find it strange and can’t help question why.




    Scammers ..

    Ive had several lately.


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    Now, I feel slighted that nobody wants to be friends with me…NOT!

    They’re scammers/spammers.


    I’ll always be friends with you testdummyC.

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    Awwwww…. Thanks, Rhonda!

    I was being sarcastic, referring to everyone else receiving new scammer/spammer friendship requests.

    I’m quite happy with my current friends.  🙂

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    Anyone with a genuine interest in people would at least post a little even if they were nervous about fully joining in. It’s interesting and perhaps predictable that some people come here, join, make friendship requests then quickly go. Some have greater reason, business, research etc. Having worked in research in past years I am more tolerant at that as student projects can be hard work but scammy advertising stunts? – Just No!


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    It is just a shame so many people join and give up posting so quickly.

    However, having you guys as my friends is wonderful. And I do also hope I am welcoming of new members. Again, though: it is a shame more people don’t stick around for all of us to get to know. I want this forum to continue throughout the years: it is a lifeline for most of us on here. And if there were too few members, they would shut this site down.

    Let’s make sure that doesn’t happen.

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    Doing my part to make this an active place!

    Chat, chat, chat… 😉

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    Evening ,

    Gee am i missing all the fun  so many wonting friendship.s ,,,,and after ,   gone, on one forum i,m on they are trying to jam up the forum  and use a system to block other,s who are real from using  our forum the numbers are in the 1000,s  so be aware  not just the scammer,s are at it,


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