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    Hi Ladies, just reaching out for a bit of advice. My man &I have been together just over 5yrs, we used to live together but he’s controlling and a bit narcissistic! I’m happier on my own but as I moved to a different town for work, it’s not easy! I work shifts as well, so we only see each other at weekends. Problem is, he moans about having to call me, especially when I work the late shift, get in about 10.30pm. Doesn’t want to come up in the week, too much hassle….30 min drive. Weekend is about getting up & going walking that’s it! He has to have everything planned, I like to go with the flow, I find myself constantly adapting to him and I suppose I’ve had enough! He doesn’t make me feel loved or special, makes me feel like an inconvenience, never thinks about taking me out for a night, never brought me little gifts or flowers. He’s not romantic or affectionate, only kisses me when he’s wants sex, which for me is a turn off!  Should I just end it I don’t feel as if I’m getting my needs met. Should I just end it?


    absolutely a toxic relationship with a one way feelings from you. find someone local that treats you like a princess. this dude is a waste of your life spirit. you can do much better than him for sure.

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    Hi, Rabbit says it as it is so we must sort of agree with her. I do think your relationship is too one sided, most men only care about what suits them, we on the other hand want all the other things that go with being a couple, love, caring for each other, being considerate, romantic and yes a good sex life too. If you are only getting his attention when he wants sex you are losing out. If you care about him you will have to talk it through and if he does not change then you are better without him. there are other guys out there who will care about you and your needs. This is nearly what Rabbit said but in a nicer way. Good luck, Sandra xx

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    In your shoes, I would’ve walked away years ago. He sounds very controlling and unpleasant. I don’t see why you’d need to question leaving: you’re in a toxic relationship and – as bunnyhabit19 has said – you deserve someone who treats you like a princess. I cannot see any appeal in staying with him. I know I am being blunt, but you deserve the best in life and should never sell yourself short. Walk away and never look back.


    It seems like you’re already half there… One of the first things you said was that “[you’re] happier on [your] own but as [you] moved to a different town for work…”

    I would just go on with life without him.  Like others have said, find someone who will respect your needs as well as his own…someone who doesn’t think that maintaining a relationship with you is burdensome.


    Thanks Ladies, I’ve now ended it. So time for me now, didn’t realise how draining & stressful it’s been! 😉

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    I’ve got a feeling you’ve done the right thing. Did he put up a fight or respect your decision? Whatever his reaction, don’t doubt your choice to walk away. Toxic men like that are just not worth it, as you’ve found out.

    Here’s to your new life!


    Hi Kitkatkitty, he told me I was mental & called me alot of names! Proved to me i did the right thing!  Strange but I actually feel so relieved & that I’ve got a second chance at life again, so thanks for all the support.


    I find that I have felt alone and sad when close relationships have ended, but the feeling of relief does compensate and make one feel good. It takes a while to get over any close relationship (at least for me), but time heals well.


    All he’s done is shown you you’ve had a lucky escape. You’re well rid. Enjoy your freedom. There is a person who is right for you: and now you’re free to meet him. Never settle for second best.


    Hi, when a relationship I had ended, I would go out and get a new hairdo and a couple of dresses and use my friends to help me socialise more. Usually this worked for me and my lfe would then take a different path with another guy on my arm.


    It seems like you made the right decision! Now he will have to figure out how to control his own life instead of you!

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