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    So I suppose, of all people, I should rejoice to see so many shops and stores going to gender neutral bathrooms. But I’m not. I find them demeaning. I don’t want to be seen as a neutral gender. I want to go into a women’s (only) room. Hoe do you ladies feel


    In general I would agree. I don’t have any issues in special circumstances – for instance at a small workplace where everyone knows everyone – but I feel safer without mixed bathrooms. There is a lot of emphasis on transexuals at the moment, but I think the occasional transexual person in the women’s bathroom is less of an worry than making bathrooms neutral.


    I rather use a women’s own bathroom in public. I can understand the concept of a gender neutral bathroom, but it isn’t for me. And as SpinningJen has said, if everyone knows everyone it is fine: otherwise I would not say it is OK.


    agree in a small setting where everyone know everyone, a gender neutral bathroom is safe and makes sense. I’m really talking about the big stores with hundreds of shoppers. A woman is at her most  vulnerable in the bathroom and I wouldn’t feel safe.


    I don’t see the problem. I have been to plenty of night clubs where there are mixed toilets, and have never encountered a problem.


    Well the problem is not use of the toilet- after all they all work the same. Its the demeaning reference to women as “gender neutral”. We are not


    I’m actually not against gender neutral bathrooms. I don’t enjoy feeling set appart from the males and that’d make me feel a little better about it. It’s not like having separate bathrooms for males and females prevents sexual harassment. I’ve seen it in non-mixed bathrooms.


    I am against it on many levels, I am a woman, I have no doughts of my sexuality, therefore I wish to use a woman’s only tiolet/ bathroom.



    I  want to be comfortable when going to a bathroom in public.


    Looks like most of us feel the same way.


    In a larger setting such as a Mall I would much rather use a women’s bathroom. A setting such as a small workplace I would have no problem sharing the bathroom with a male co-worker that I know well. The bathrooms are equipped with stalls so there should be no problems in that sort of situation.


    I hate to see the larger world contorting to meet the needs of the transgender community. I feel that if you transgender, you are obliged to fit in to that world and be part of it the way it is. And if you can’t- don’t go that way.


    Gender Neutral bathrooms are something that I don’t quite agree with. For one women have other issues to deal with in the bathroom the the two main things that men deal with in the bathroom. The stalls in the women’s bathrooms do have cracks in them and if someone really wants to see into them they can. If I can on my monthly visit and changing a tampon I don’t want any chance of a man glancing into the stall I am in. I am sorry but it would make me really uncomfortable and I feel I have rights to feel comfortable in using a public bathroom for women only. Rant over.


    well said Gingy. We all seem to feel that way- even me now.


    well said Gingy. We all seem to feel that way- even me now.

    Thank You. I am all for people having their rights, but what about my rights to feel comfortable. I just feel the mainstream is losing a little of their control of their rights with all of this.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 17 total)

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