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Good Day…..

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    Its Sunday morning here (10.30am) and I am really at a loss…. the weather is overcast and miserable…. dh is playing golf and so I’m home alone with my two poodles and two cats all of whom are passed out in varying degrees !!!!- must have something to do with the weather … I have much to do …. just not in the mood…. know the feeling! Soooo was hoping I’d find someone here to chat to lol. Not sure of the time difference… is there any particular time everyone logs in for a chat!

    Have a great Sunday girls or will it be Monday! waves


    Oh I so know that feeling… especially ironing or window washing .. I avoid that as much as possible
    Ive been out with the dogs this morning a long walk on the common and the eldest went swimming so they are all now sunning themselves in the sunshine flooding in through the bay window..
    What a life !!

    People are in and out all day here…


    Sounds like a good start to your day Cassandra…. I am assumming its relatively early where you are. Its now early afternoon and all I have done thus far is shower, feed the the the furries and lurked here lol – not my usual routine I might add!! I am just sooo not motivated to do anything; having said tt I need to get outta here and think of preparing lunch…. dh should be home soon and no doubt starving. Have a super day girlie and hope to chat soon. waves


    Hello there girls… gosh Wednesday already…. sigh, the week is flying by. Been awfully busy at work… the days are just not long enough! Extended family of Franco’s arrived from Italy so we are also busy on the social front. The weather is true to form for April… grey skies, hail, rain and a definite nip in the air… thinking its time to start bringing out warmer clothing.

    Hows your week been so far…

    Have a good good day girlies 🙂


    Its so funny to read that you are thinking of getting out the winter woolies just as we in the north are thinking (well hoping) of putting ours away..


    Hello girls… have you had a good day so far!!! About to leave the office in an hour or so… got loads done, need to go grocery shopping – ideal weather for home-made soup.

    Catch you later :waves:


    We have had two seasons in one day here it started so cold and wiindy this morning but right now its 19c and blazing sun.
    Children are feeding the ducks in the park and the trees are starting to blossom..

    Lovely but the sharp sun gives me headaches.


    Well we have had just one season here today, I know its suppose to be spring but it feels more like winter, its miserable, cold, cloudy, and expecting freezing rain mixed with snow overnight. Speaking of home made soup, that is what I’m having tonight, its chicken, and it smells very good, that should warm the bones.


    I hear you on the weather part! I don’t get it! Why is it in the 40’s this time of the year? It’s driving me insane. Oh yeah, I changed my avatar. Not sure how long it will last. I see lots of legs and feet here so it persuaded me to do it lol.


    Speaking of home made soup, that is what I’m having tonight, its chicken, and it smells very good, that should warm the bones.

    Sounds yummy K… thats the only good thing about winter…. luv soup. Well I didn’t get around to making any but will do this arvo… I’m gonna make a veg and brisket “mix up” with sugar beans, lentils, split peas and anything else I can find 😆


    Hey girls….. whats up…. :question:

    Had a relatively good day… spent most of the morning blocking SIL’s sim card and black listing the cell phone… flip what a performance. Can you believe whilst she was asleep last night (they’re on hols in Ponte) they cut the mossy netting, climbed through the window and took her cell phone from the pedestal next to her!!!! She didn’t hear a thing (thankfully) discovered it gone when she woke this morn and of course where they got in… silly girl forgot to close the window!

    Anyhow, did a few odd jobs in the office, came home not long after lunch, made my soup which we had for dinner and ummmmm, here I am.


    OMG that is so scary..Thank goodness she didnt wake up who knows what they night have done then.
    Its one of the reasons I love my dogs, even if I hear a noise if the dogs dont react I know its just wind or the normal ‘house’ noises..

    When our last dog died I said I couldnt have another, but we woke up at gone 3am one night and could hear someone downstairs, it was the most scary thing..OH took me to the rescue place next day and we adopted Oscar.


    I shudder to think what could have been Cass… she was alone with the two kids… hubby flew yesterday to Maputu overnight!!! Its their holiday home so animals are out of the question, but absolutely, dogs are a deterrent.


    Gooday girls… and Jim 😉 Well the movie stint wasn’t as painful as I anticipated… very sweet movie – 2D animation – now I’m not suggesting you lot go tearing out to see it 🙄 – gd loved it and I guess thats what counts!!

    One consolation it has not rained so far (YAY) said to my dd come rain, snow or sleet we going on a game drive 2morrow… fingers crossed the weather will be kind to us!!!!


    Hi girls… beautiful day… clear skies, sun shining… I’m a happy camper 😆

    Enjoyed the game drive… saw a few zebra, elephant. buck and so on… spent a few hours at the Valley of the Waves… little sprocket swam… water was freezing hence I gave that activity a miss!! Had lunch at the Cascades in their garden area… now having a coff with the monkeys!… heavens they a bit of a nuisance, but cute.

    Good good day to ya all :waves:

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