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Good Day…..

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    OMGosh LD…. what happened!!!!!

    All packed and homeward bound early tomorrow morn… the men should follow on Saturday – weather permitting.


    Well this happened:

    I was going to bed and something cut my heel and it was a piece of glass and i pulled it out and this morning, i woke up around half 11 to find my bed covers in blood and it hurts so bad and walking on it hurts like hell.



    Do you not need stitches LD… keep an eye on it.


    No but i might get it checked out tomorrow just to be on the safe side and right now i cant put pressure on my foot cause of the pain and it sucks real bad but here’s a nice piccie


    ^^ Dusty ^^ – little terror

    and the injured foot



    Dusty is really growing up fast his little face is changing shape now..

    Get your foot checked just to make sure theres nothing left inside plus some steri strips might help it heal better, thats a very awkward place LD oh and make sure your tetanus is up to date.


    Yeah and hurts to walk on it and Dusty just loves my brother and he skids on the floor


    Dusty is gorgeous LD… also cannot believe how he has grown.

    Hope your injured foot is beginning to heal.


    Yup big and bad also foot is still bleeding


    Did you have it checked…..


    Yeah i did and i have a protective bandage wrapped around it with a gauze of cream below the bandage and it’ll heal up in a while but lucky there wasnt any infections or anything like that


    Another accident this time a staple pierced my big toe grr but didnt hurt as much and if anyone has Twitter then feel free to follow me as i seem to tweet random stuff which also goes to my Facebook page too haha the joys of merging Twitter & Facebook


    Appears my laptop is now kaput as we say in the taal – my mug of coff emptied over it….. as I raised it the handle separated itself (blink)…. the touchpad is not working…. wonder if the insurance will pay out!!!


    The only thing keeping me sane is knowing that Jon will be on tv tonight at midnight


    That’s too bad SG. You’re lucky it didn’t drop on your leg and give it a good burn…

    Whats on the television tonight that you’re watching Lake District ?


    @ kamille… well I guess the fact that its overheating prevented me from having it on my lap lol. Not too serious, I was going to send it in to see if this problem could be resolved, so I guess the decision has been made for me lol…!!

Viewing 15 posts - 271 through 285 (of 288 total)
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