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Good Day…..

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    Good Day gals, glad you’re weather has improved for you Socialgirl, ya, sometimes you just have to make the best of it don’t you?

    Well our weather here is the absolute pits, we’ve had it all today, and it is only -3, :sick:

    I just want to wish everyone have an enjoyable Easter holiday, wherever you might be. I’m all packed and will just have to wait and see how things go later as far as flights, if all goes according to plan I will see you next week.

    I found this cute little guy wandering around and thought you might want to have a cup of coff with him Socialgirl. I think it’s Cassandra’s drooling chef….. 😆

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    Awwww thanks Kam he is gorgeous 😆 send him over will ya… these little monks are very naughty babies, perhaps he can keep em in line hehe.

    Oh man I can’t believe your weather… must be freeeezing :shut: I do hope you will be able to fly out AND to warmer weather. Have a super super time girl 🙂 and a……

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    Evening girls…. hope you all had a good good day. I’m feeling somewhat chilled and ever so relaxed… been a lovely day – spent most of it out in the winter sun… isn’t it odd how the weather affects our mood… clear skies and sunshine definitely brings out the best in me 😆

    How you doing Michelle… try not to let those people get you down girlie :hugs:


    hello everyone, well I’m back from my holidays and I have to say we had an awesome time, the weather was beautiful, low 90’s, even got myself a tan. We stayed at the Grand Floridian. That’s a picture of it and it was beautiful. We saw parades, palaces, fireworks and some mice.

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    This is the resort picture

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    Hey Kamille… welcome home 🙂 So pleased you had a good break-away… looks great. Dare I ask lol….hows the weather back home!


    Welcome home Kamille, glad you had a good time..


    Another beautiful winter morning..

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    Eveninig girls… all good with everyone? I am feeling so much better… drank water mostly all day – couldn’t resist a coff or two, ate fruit for b/fast and lunch… dinner salad and veg… another day of detox and I should be 100s.

    Little on the cranky side… left my book in the reception bathroom – realised about ten minutes later, went back and gone!!! – wasn’t handed in either – why would someone do that for goodness sakes >:(


    Glad you’re feeling better Girl, on the book thing… whoever took it probably hadn’t read it, and you saved them from having to buy there own, the bum. Some people, hopefully they will have to enjoy it in their room in the dark, they wouldn’t be able to bring it out in the open thinking the owner might see them reading it.


    Hey there Kam… thanks girlie… oh man can you believe it… I was three quarters thru the damn thing :lol:… ja, well I hope they get eye-strain or something hehe! How things with you… busy at work and the weather? any warmer!


    Things are good, I am busy at work, getting caught up from when I was away. Lots to do for month end. The weather is warming up some, yesterday was fairly nice, I wore a fleece jacket instead of my winter one, now today is cool and cloudy, its +9, almost balmy, at least it’s not snowing. 😆


    Well hubby just came in and told me to go get ready, he’s taking me out of Chinese… oh yum..


    Good on hubby… enjoy – chat soon I hope :waves:

    +9 – OMGosh!!!!!!!!!


    +9 and chinese! Wow… its all good in your world Kamille 😆

    SG, book thieves >:( Just after the Titanic was found I bought my husband the really lovely book by Bob Ballard about the search mission it contained loads of photos of the wreck. I put a birthday greeting on the inside cover.. A ‘friend’ borrowed the book and then naffed off back to Australia with it..
    He knowingly stole my husbands birthday gift.. I hope he chokes every time he picks it up.

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