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Good Day…..

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    Hey there Zefina… well thankfully its warmed up… feeding the ducks brings back memories – my daughter absolutely loved feeding them until one day they chased us… she obviously took too long in fishing out the feed lol.


    <pre id=”tw-target-text” class=”tw-data-text tw-text-large XcVN5d tw-ta” dir=”ltr” data-placeholder=”Übersetzung”><span lang=”en”>I had a very good day today! The new Hazemag machines were delivered to us at work. We are very satisfied with the performance of the impact crusher. How has your day been so far?</span>


    I had to look up ‘Hazemag’.  Not something for me. I prefer somewhat less intimidating things lol. It’s breakfast time here so I have done little yet.


Viewing 3 posts - 286 through 288 (of 288 total)
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