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good morning!!!

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    What a lovely morning, the sun is shining and spring is on the way.Done the ironing, cleaned the kitchen, made a big jug of banana smoothie, so its time for a break and to catch up with all my forums. Hope everyone is well.

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    Good morning to you, too!

    I cannot wait for the weekend! This week started off with snow storms and temperatures down to around -15 here in NYC. This weekend we are due for sunshine and +17 degrees!!!


    Haven’t been around all day so I will wish you good evening instead, I put my coat on and walked into city center today not realizing how warm it was, by the time I got there I wished I had left my coat at home.

    I hope to see more of this soon 😆


    Good morning to you all 😀
    We’ve got sunshine over here. It’s a nice surprise after 2 days of rain…


    Beautiful sunshine and 18 degrees here in New York today. Off to find the sunglasses, then maybe enjoy the first beer garden day of 2009! :coolsmile:


    Good morning to everyone. It,s alovely sunny day today. I,ve done 3 lots of washing and hung it all on the line. I,ve ironed 5 work shirts and all my sons school shirts. I,ve dusted and polished in the front room, so now it,s time for a cuppa I think.

    I did loads yesterday too and hurt my back, and it still hurts. :down:


    Good morning everyone.

    Lovely sunny day here. I,m off to the hospital this morning with my youngest for another blood test. The results should be back tomorow. I just wish they would hurry up with the results of his bone scan. The sooner we find out what it is, the sooner it can be treated.

    I,ve had such a busy weekend with moving furniture around and rearranging things. I must admit though I,m glad I,ve done it. The front room looks much less cluttered now and my daughter has more room in her bedroom.

    OH moaned and complained all weekend. You just can,t win with men can you? If I,d done nothing he,d have moaned at me for sitting on the pc all day. So instead I spend the weekend doing things that need doing and he still moans!! 🙄

    What are you lot up too today?


    morning!! Done OH’s banking, washing is in, if the sun shines I shall go and sort the pots out in the garden.After that, its a cup of tea and I shall watch piers morgans interview with jordan which I taped as dave cannot stand piers although he is an arsenal fan. 🙂

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    Morning everyone. 🙂 Another lovely sunny day today. Once the kids are at school I shall have to tackle the washing pile again. How is it that one minute it,s empty and you feel all pleased with yourself for getting it all done, then the next minute it,s overflowing again? >:)


    Hello and a big wave from sunny Scunny this morning…

    I hope everyone is well….I have been up to my eyes in the last couple of weeks…still am in fact…with appointments, courts, hospitals, bike rally enquiries, covering for staff at work who are trying desparately to get their annual leave in before April 1st, organising our eldest daughters 21st…and of course the usual dramas that unfold here on a daily basis…lol..

    I WILL manage to get round to browsing FF at some point…I miss it when I cant…Think Im gonna elope with my laptop to the local pub that I recently noticed are advertising free WiFi…

    Mmm…I gotta say that idea is becomming even more appealing…Watch this space…So if anyone reads any posts by me that make even less sense than usual – you will all know why…lol..

    Take care everybody..enjoy the spring sunshine…

    Luv n big hugz xxxxxxxxxxx


    Good morning Ladies and Martin. 🙂

    It,s a lovely sunny morning here today. I,ve done two lots of washing already and it,s hanging on the line. Yesterday I did four lots, a HUGE pile of ironing, put it all away and changed all the bedding on the beds. PHEW!

    What have you lovely ladies got planned for today, on this lovely sunny Sunday?


    Hy and good morning 2 all…

    It looks as if spring has truly arrived with glorious sunshine, daffodils and crocuses aplenty, newborn lambs in the fields and my cats are shedding their winter coats all over – so much in fact that I swear I too will be coughing up a furball soon…

    As for today…We’ve got family descending on us from all directions for lunch so Im gonna be tied to the kitchen for half of the day…grrr…Still at least there will be plenty of hands to do the washing up…It will be good to see them all..Im not moaning really…lol..Ive got the meat in…going to tackle a MASSIVE pile of veggies in a moment…Steves took the kids to a local car boot so Ive got the stereo on full blast and all the windows open….I LOVE living in the middle of nowhere..lol…

    Hope everyones enjoying their day too…Its hard to be down on such a beautiful morning…

    Take care y’all!!


    Good morning Ladies. It,s another lovely sunny day today. What is everyone up too today? 🙂


    I am trying to figure out my taxes here in the US. It’s rather different to what I am used to in the UK, and it looks like I have already missed a few deadlines due to my ignorance. Great start to my new life in the USA – penalties, fines and taxes from the IRS.


    Good morning Ladies and Martin. 🙂

    It,s yet another lovely sunny day today and the birds are singing away. I,m off to do the last of my washing in a minute so it has a full day blowing on the line. I love the smell of fresh washing that has been on the line all day.

    What is everyone up too today?

    Martin I would hope the IRS would be lenient with you, considering your not used to the US system of taxes?

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