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    Hi there everyone! Glad to be here and interested to see what kind of awesome people “live” here. I am an avid reader of non-fiction, love gardening, writing, painting (watercolors mostly), and  outdoorsy stuff (camping and hiking). My current favorite author is Joan Didion, her essays are amazing!

    Happy New Year! Happy to be here!



    Happy New Year Tanya.

    Welcome to the forum. I love painting too, but mostly acrylic although I use watercolour sometimes. My avitar is one of my paintings. Gardening as well – mostly fruit and veg although I do grow a few cacti.

    I look forward to your posts 😊

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    Welcome to the forum. Enjoy.

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    Hi Tanya and welcome.  I too love non fiction, mostly history, gardening, my cat and of course SHOES. To men they are just something to walk in, but to women they are an emotional experience.

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    Thanks everyone! I have a deep affection for boots Rhonda. My man has sneakers and a couple pairs of dress shoes… no they do not get it and they don’t have to as long as they support the habit. 😛 (support- meaning he just smiles and nods when I show him the latest pair I had to have).

    Beautiful work Spinning Jen! I have worked with acrylics too but I love the meditative aspect of watercolors… its just soothing to me.




    Hello Tanya613 and welcome. I have a close male friend who is 68 years of age and he also paints. He doesn’t paint watercolours, but he does paint arcyllics: his work is awesome. Anyhow, I am also an avid reader, although I stick to novels. I do have a weakness for women’s magazines, too. Rhona: I love boots. I bought two pairs the other week. They are gorgeous. Anyhow, I look forward to reading your posts, Tanya613!

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