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    What type of hair do you have and what do you prefer?

    I have straight hair and I keep my hair straight 99% of the time unless I get into some weird mood where I feel like pulling out the curling iron and adding some ringlets to it. I have not done that in years though.


    I have wavy hair, and I rarely blow dry, much less style, it.  Occasionally, I’ll wear it up while working outside or hiking.  I might even wear it up for a special occasion.

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    I totally hate my hair.  It’s all wavy, but mostly at my lower parts, so it’s like straight on top then it gets wavier as it goes down.  And in any sort of humidity my hair frizzes all out like a fuzzball, and it’s so dreadfully uncomfortable.  I blow dry my hair in winter so it stays straight, but it’s too warm in summer to do that, so sometimes I just cut it short so I don’t have to deal with it.  I pull my hair back a lot in summer so it’s away from my neck.

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    I have mainly straight hair, but is a bit wavy. It does get irritating to keep in check. I try not to blow dry too much as that makes it worse.

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    Mine is straight and I curl it under at the ends, usually it stays that way unless we get a wind then it becomes a bit frizzy so I have use spray now and again.

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