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    What do you think of this Madonna album? I have been playing it today and have to say it has really grown on me.

    The lyrics and melody just work and are really catchy without being cheesy. It is an album that appeals to the younger audience. I realize I am not that younger audience, but I love the songs and graphic design of this album. I also think “Candy Shop” is light hearted and fun. Again, it appeals to the younger person.

    “Hard Candy” has grown on me and I think it is an album worth checking out. Give it at least one full listen.


    I am listening to Ms Dynamite’s album “A Little Deeper” today.

    A great album!



    Hard Candy …I thought you were talking about something to eat!

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    So did I intially. I am usually too busy to think about albums so normally it’s what is on the radio, or sometimes the music channels on TV.

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    I listened to this album again yesterday. “Hard Candy” is addictive.

    Anyhow, I am passionate about music: I always will be. I listen to more music than most people, to be frank. But I don’t watch the music channels on TV, though: I watch YouTube daily and often at night.

    Your views on YouTube? Or do you prefer the radio? Or music television?


    I use YouTube as it’s possible to find old tracks and TV programs; Almost anything you can remember. It’s also useful if trying anything new, technical or arty. Wading past the poor quality videos there is usually something good.

    Even though I prefer YouTube and my records I use the radio most often though as I can listen, with less distraction to change things, while I work.


    Love you tube… Use it a lot. No annoying dj,s wittering on just pure music . I love rediscovering music bands or tracks I had forgotten about.


    You’re a woman after my own heart, cassandra: YouTube is BRILLIANT. I am totallly addicted to it. I would say, actually, that it’s my favourite website. I also love Pinterest, though. And if I had to choose between the two, I’d choose YouTube.

    The videos and song uploads are great. I have listened to back issues of Patsy Cline, Dwight Yoakam, 80’s tracks, 90’s tracks, U2: you name it, I’ve listened to it.

    Thanks to the gods of YouTube! LOL.

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