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Has anyone been really embarrassed when they wore their sexy heels

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    It is always happening to me, the last time was at a wedding. The event was outside and it had rained recently, now sunny and warm I had my new pretty light blue dress with a bolero style jacket. Needless to say the heels were high and a walk with hubby looking at the gardens ended in disaster, we were on the path but a heel found a soft spot and over we both went on the wet grass. How red was I, dress wet and muddy, fortunately help was at hand to spare my blushes. I did get help in the loo from a couple of ladies but spent the rest of the event trying to hide especially from the photographer.


    I feel for you in that situation. Not with heels, but I have slipped before and ended up muddy. Luckily not at an occasion like a wedding, but, for me, even snagged tights are an irritation. I carry a spare pair in the car just incase.

    I am less likely to run into a problem with heels as, although I love the ones I have got, I seldom wear as I am fairly tall anyway and feel I stand out too much when wearing even the ones I have got.


    I am 5 foot 7 ins so that makes me fairly tall in heels but as hubby is 6 foot 1 ins that is not a problem, I guess falling over  and getting muddy was one thing but the skirt was short and rode up as well. Nearly ruined my new knicks as well.


    Well girls I’m well over 6′ in heels and I know the feeling of standing out in a crowd. I used to be self conscience but now  I love being tall.  And mikki, there is something called a “grasswalker” that you can buy that slips over your heels and allows you to walk on soft ground without sinking in. [attachment file=”massimo.jpg”]


    I see you managed to show us all those sexy heels and thanks for the “grasswalker info that could come in useful for the upcoming wedding, although if it rains much more I will need a dingy !


    well you’re the one that brought up the subject of sexy heels. Good for you!


    Hi thanks for that Rhonda, someone had to do  it as I am sure we all love wearing our heels ( without a hardhat though ! ).


    i wear skyscraper platform high heels because i am short. sometimes embarrassing when i overhear others say “look at the woman in whore heels i think she here to do business”

    i really wear so i am 5 ‘ 7″ tall rather than 5’ 0″ tall


    WOW, beautiful heels rabbit. But they are for a younger woman like you.


    With my head for heights I may well feel giddy with those rabbit 😄 If they work – why not!


    A touch too high for me, I would fall over for sure.


    Rhonda, i luv how you always throw compliments at this girl.


    Jen, Mikki, i short so need help attract tall hunks to my love circle


    Hi Rabbit, I think I get what you say, who does not want a tall hunk to encircle you  with their strong arms ( oh my this does sound like bodice ripper lol ). x


    bodice ripper?? love the idea mikki. And rabbit, compliments richly deserved.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 34 total)
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