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Has anyone been really embarrassed when they wore their sexy heels

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    For all you youngsters ” bodice ripper ” was all the rage back in the day, I will stress I am not that old my nan told me about them.


    mikki, most guys i wanted are tall, so skyscraper heels make me more desirable than my normal shortness


    well I just like skyscraper heels because of the way they make my legs look.  I suppose it does eliminate a lot of men.


    Rhonda, You are a foot taller than I, so seems you have opposite effect for you. I do dress in them to bait men not for self satisfaction for sure. I prefer bare feet as much as possible for self enjoyment


    I certainly agree rabbit, tall sexy heels are pretty potent man bait.  I used to be self conscience about my stature but not anymore.


    Lucky old me then , if I wear 3 to 4 inch heels generally the guys are still taller than me. This does make them more protective of you.


    well it also gives them a good perspective to dominate you. I really think I have an advantage in business because I am at or above their head. My shorter female colleagues don’t have that advantage.


    Good on you Rhonda, in business men often think woman get in the way. So they often need taking down a peg or two, being a tall woman should get you respect from them. x


    They’re gorgeous, Rhonda333! I could happily wear those. Anyhow, I wore a pair of wedges a good few years ago now but I had two left feet and fell. It wasn’t pretty. I am very careful when I do wear heels. They’re attractive shoes, but you can twist an ankle. It does take practice to walk in them. Still, shoes are beautiful and it is wonderful to wear them.


    I agree, they do take practice and you have to watch where you place your foot if you are anywhere except a smooth carpeted room. Its worth it though.


    i have been wearing skyscrapers so long i can do almost anything in them.


    Anything, I can only imagine !!


    I am rather jealous, rabbithabit! You are lucky to be able to enjoy heels. Anyhow, if only!


    i prefer being barefoot whenever possible. skyscraper heels are necessary often due to height. but not my preference for sure. barefoot is so comfortable compared to any foot wear. 


    I do love shoes. I can understand why women are so passionate about them. Heels are also beautiful. I do love shoe porn! I would happily buy those shoes, if I could walk in them!

Viewing 15 posts - 16 through 30 (of 34 total)
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