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    I spent a good hour sorting my wardrobe. I now have a bag for the charity collection. I have grouped items [i.e: cardigans/jumpers/smart tops/shirts/dresses/etc.] into my wardrobe. I have also gotten rid of old knickers I was never going to wear again. I also now have a neat & tidy chest of drawers, with items I will wear.

    I am an incredibly organised and tidy person. I am forever sorting things in my apartment. I also cleared out old DVDs and books and CDs recently. I take out the rubbish & recycling regularly, too.

    I’d advise anyone spruce up their home with an autumn clearout!


    Well done! It’s probably about time I have a major sortout but I oftens do things drawer by drawer. I did sort out my shoes when I received those new boots I mentioned. There were some not worn for years, and probably never will be.


    I do this twice a year,  spring /summer and then again autumn /winter.

    I just bought a new coat so my old one went straight into the salvation army collection point.

    I laundered and folded all my summer clothes decided what was still good for next year and what wasnt or if Ive bought something I really didnt like wearing/too high necked, too itchy etc it goes straight to charity. The rest get packed away in a big storage bag until next spring. I dont really have the wardobe space to keep everything out at once and to be honest I dont like clothes hanging about for too long.. My summer shoes/sandels have gone into storage too. Its now all boots and closed shoes for me.

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    I have put out a bag for a charity. I am glad to help people in need. Because my clothing is in generally good condition. I really feel it worthwhile to give back to people in need.

    It is good that you’re regularly going through your wardrobe, cassandra. Plus, it is therapeutic. Having an organised, clean & tidy home is wonderful and heals the mind, in a sense. Because I have done a lot of cleaning & sorting in my apartment. Not just every now and then, but often, too. I really keep on top of things.

    Good on you, cassandra!

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    I sorted my linen cupboard a few days ago: it sure needed it! I definitely love tidying and organizing things.


    Well I put some things in a charity bag for the end of last week. Little by little things are getting tidier 🙂


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    I have been doing a lot of laundry recently, actually. I am rather addicted to doing the laundry.

    Weird but true! Maybe I should work at a laundrette? LOL.


    I went through a big resort of my wardrobe in October too. I ended up with three large garbage bags full of donations.  My style has changed a lot over the last couple years, and I got rid of some things I’d bought but never even worn.  A couple months later, and my closet is a mess again (I have a huge walk-in closet, which is really nice to have!)

    For donating clothes, I strongly recommend looking into your local LGBTQ outreach center.  There are a lot of young lesbian and transgender women who’ve been thrown out by their families, and are in desperate need of clothing.

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