have you ever been to a funfair?. what was your experience like

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    so, about 10 minits from where I live, they have set up a traveling funfair (just for the weekend, friday to sunday). honestly I find it weird: weather’s not so good, and of course their’s kovid, but it give me the oppotunity to ask: have  you ever been to a funfair, and what was your experience?


    I have never (and would never) go on a funfair ride. I don’t know if I’d trust them, what if it came apart while you were riding, or you fell out, or something like that happened.


    I have been to a fair for the games, and actually, i love the games (especially those ones at the arcades with 2 P machines)


    I had a bit of an embarrassing experience a few years ago though (I don’t mind sharing, I feel totally nonjudged here)


    tried to do a game where you sat in a helecopter to shoot the bad guys, and they wouldn’t let me play


    and when I asked them why they told me I was too big for the seat (outch, but honest)


    what about your experiences. would you go to a fair, and more importantly, would you go on the rides?


    (if I ever got brave enough to go on a ride, it would be at a proper theme park, disney world or something)


    My nana used to live near Battersea park in London back in the day when the waterside was lined with stalls doing everytihing from trowing balls at cans to win a prize fortune telling and splatter paint wheels and then there was the funfair.. Oh what a wonderous thing it was the flying chairs the dodgems and the big dipper that I went on more than once when my aunt who was only 8 years older than me would sneak us both down there.

    Only a week or two before the tragic accident we rode the big dipper after that we didnt go back, eventually the whole funfair closed.

    Ive visited more fun fairs over the years and I love the noise and the smells but I never ride anymore.



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    I just read the artickle you posted.


    this is exactly why I wouldn’t trust a funfair ride.


    you never know


    that’s so sad about the young children. you don’t imagine that to happen (that sort of thing at a fair/ amusement park shouldn’t even be possible). they are meant to be fun


    Oh, dear!  What a tragedy, Cassandra!  I can’t even imagine what it would have been like to go through that as a teenager.

    When I lived in Germany, I went to the local Frühlingsfests and Herbstfests.  When I was younger, I rode the rides.  I don’t remember them having roller coasters, though.  When I was older, I spent time playing the games, eating, drinking and dancing in the beer tents.  While going to college in Munich, I visited the Oktoberfest.  To me, it was just another Herbstfest, but on a much larger scale.  There was probably a roller coaster there.

    Since I came back to the states, I haven’t gone to any of the funfairs.  They no longer interest me.  There’s a running joke here that the funfair brings snow with it, spring or fall.




    I remember Battersea funfair Cassandra. I have never lived in London but we went there when I was little. I did not like the big rides at all then but do remember going on the ghost train. I was less worried as it did not go high and I have never been particularly worried about ghosts and similar.

    Theses days I am similar in that I love the atmosphere but seldom go on the rides. I did to some extent when the children were little / early teen but I still have my issue with heights. I can conquer it though as I remember being with a group of teenagers at Alton Towers. It was a quiet day anyway, but it began to rain so the queue for the corkscrew (the biggest roller coaster at the time) dispersed but they kept it open. We ended up going on it over and over. I got quite used to it but I maybe only went on it as I was in the group.




    I’ve been to the funfair many times in my life. But I seldom ride the rides: they are just too scary. Having my body jerked about to and fro freaks me out. BUT I still love the smell of hotdogs and candyfloss in the air. I also love shoot-the-duck and other games. If I ever move again I will make sure to always visit the funfair.

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