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    I shall tell my story:

    I was alone in my dad’s house in the late 90’s. I was just listening to a CD when I felt this white light. I felt total freedom as the shadows and noises in my mind retreated. There was just pure silence and peace. Then a voice said to me “God only wants to help you”. When the white light was gone, I felt I lost something in myself and wanted that peace back.

    I truly believe God’s angel had visited me that day. It was brief, but I never forgot.

    I write all this because my friend, Vicky, believes God helped her pull through coronavirus. Both Vicky and I pray to God and believe in Him. I’d certainly be in the white light with my guardian angel forever, but God won’t allow it. I think, too, I saw something that day in myself: I saw the silence that is part of my own soul. I just didn’t realize the God I was looking for was always there: within myself. I am not God, but God has always been here: even when I felt lost. I just couldn’t see Him.

    Have you ever had such a visit? Do you believe you have a guardian angel? Do you even know deep down that you’ve got a guardian angel? I look forward to your experiences.

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    I’m happy for you that you have this faith it must be a wonderful comfort.

    After much religious study I’m sad to say I have no such faith and cannot find it I don’t really want to find it anymore.

    However when my dear friend ,my dog Oscar died in October 2012 I made a video slideshow for him and I used the music somewhere over the rainbow.

    The next morning I stood at my back door with my other two dogs wondering how I was going to go out and face the world without Oscar.

    But when I opened the door spanning the sky was a beautiful bright rainbow ….angels or not this gave me comfort and I think that’s the important thing, if it gives comfort, if it gives hope, if it gives a feeling of love and happiness it’s a good thing.



    Regardless of how people think or what they belive in or not , the detail of why are we here on this earth is a long debated issue , what we need to remember is being on this earth is not the sum total of our life,and when we pass on is not the end our spirit will be safe every person ever born ,


    so the thought is about some of us have insights  other,s are given gift,s and some are protected.  now i dont have the answer,s to many ?.s asked all i know is it happens the detail as to who shows us different things does not matter or how  we express those thought,s  what does matter is do we accept what we are given ,

    Being protected for myself has been a process of my life.  when younger i went bird catching  = pidgeon.s and had them as a hobby and loved them for me they were lovely , in the discarded building with 5 story,s so 3 of us climbed the out side fire escape unbeknown to me the top one did not have the rails around the 3 side,s left  right and the back one onto the road i climbed up first to the top and stepped back to allow the two other,s up , now there was no one other than us 3 as i stepped back i stepped out and away and there was nothing behind me just a 4 sec drop to the road, we were 70 feet high,

    i was in mid air and there was no way i could get back  , i was pushed forward onto the platform and then i put my hands on my  left and right rails to move forward into the building that was 5 feet in front of me , the force to move me forward was not hard yet i know i was being moved forward, .it was like you would come behind me and just push me with out a strong force as we would do for each other,

    age 10 – 11 i knew had i not been moved forward i was not going to be alive , Now i dont make story,s up i work with fact and what i see or feel i do sense details and things like other,s can , of cause there are other details that sometimes we miss out on .

    This happened in summer time 1957=58 on a slightly over cast day not cold or windy just a normal day .



    That’s incredible, Noeleena: an angel did save your life. Whether or not anyone believes you, YOU believe – and know – so never forget. Don’t let anyone make you believe you imagined it: you didn’t.

    I truly do believe in the angels. Sometimes it pays to listen to a higher power and a higher calling. Angels heal the pain, too. For when life gets dark, there is always hope in angel wings beating above the clouds.

    I hope to be an angel myself one-day.



    Thank You.

    There is one detail i left out apart from not telling the other,s  was when i was near the open way in i looked around to check no one was there and looked down as well just how it was when we started up the fire escape, being what i,m like i allways check every thing out just to make total sure,and just to make double sure  there was no end rail it was missing  when inside we carried on looking for birds , later when i got home i thought , Oh heck had i gone down how it would have upset Mom well ya a lot more than just upset,




    I think I have had near misses and these moments of enlightenments in my life too! Not to belittle them at all as they may be gifts from god but my philosophy is to live in harmony with life and nature as much as possible. In that way there are many moments which are hard to understand but beautiful.

    I get your meaning there Kitty but always remember, you are an angel to someone or some animal, sometime who really needs you. Those times are not something you can plan for, you will just be there.

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    I am often the good samaritan. Not for my own gain but to make myself feel I’ve made the world a better place: have made a difference. Like when I stopped the bus for a woman racing for it as it was about to drive away.

    I also give money to a homeless charity. This is because others need help and I want to help. It isn’t duty: it is a moral choice on my behalf. Plus, I don’t do it to look good: I give money to charity to make this world happier for others. I must say, I would like to be an angel. I love helping others and contributing to society.

    Maybe I have grown angel wings.

    I get your meaning there Kitty but always remember, you are an angel to someone or some animal, sometime who really needs you. Those times are not something you can plan for, you will just be there.

    These sentences stood out to me. No one can foresee when they’re needed. Anything can happen to anyone. If I am there, I will help and assist. I hope that when that time comes, I know what I am doing and save a life.


    I have private messaged you back as promised KitKatKitty – hope your well!


    No one can foresee when they’re needed. Anything can happen to anyone. If I am there, I will help and assist. I hope that when that time comes, I know what I am doing and save a life.*

    Its true you dont know when you are needed or what you might say or do to change the direction someone is going in.

    As you know I live in the Netherlands, well I used to work as a home carer and one day I was assigned a new client but was told that the lady didnt want help and was being very difficult about letting anyone come to her house, even though she had just had open heart surgery and needed home care.

    So I arrived and said hello. I explained I wasnt there to take over I was just a pair of hands there to do the things she needed me to do..She was the boss in her home and always would be.

    She smiled and said I was sweet that she had asked her pastor about this problem and the pastor had said God would show her a way past her reluctance at having help..  I asked about her church and she said ‘oh you wont know it its called New Apolstolic’

    I said of course I knew of it and that my mother in law had been a member  for 60 + years.. I added that my mil lived in London.. The lady  got up and fished out a photo album.. ‘I was in London 10 years ago’ she said and showed me the photos..

    She pointed at herself posing with the congregation I pointed out and named the pastor and then said the lady standing beside you is my sister in law and directly behind you is my MIL..

    She was clearly shocked, ‘my pastor said God would give me guidence he didnt say he would throw a brick’ ‘I think he sent you to teach me not to be so stubborn’ she said..

    Personally I didnt care as long as she got the help she needed to recover..


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    Thank you, Rachel!


    Look forward to hearing from you soon KitKatKitty!

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    I wrote a poem about angels called “The Hierarchy Of Angels”. It is a beautiful poem. A lot of my poems are about angels. I also wrote “Feathers” about an angelic little girl. I don’t have a little girl, but felt inspired to write the poem. Oh: I have published a new book called “Kate” on Lulu.com*. I hope you all like it!

    I do feel I’d like God’s help. When God is there, there is always peace. There is always being relaxed and happy. I personally would LOVE to be happy. I will continue to try to be happy: and continue to believe in the angels. I don’t like hell and would much rather sit in heaven. I pray my soul does not go to hell when I die.

    *This is NOT spam.

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