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Health during lockdown

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    Have you had to see someone in the medical profession since the virus hit and the whole of the health service went into being fixated on COVID-19?

    On the 15th of March, I got a text from my GP,s surgery. Basically saying we are not having any regular appointments and the surgery is not open other than for matters of absolute emergency.

    Regardless of what they say on the television that you should go to your GP if you have a health worry. In reality, this advice doesn’t seem to be from the real world.

    I have not heard anything from them since other than when I got a call when I had to direct them to where I wanted a repeat prescription sent.

    Fortunately, I have not needed them and hope it remains so. But I’m sure others have.
    It’s quite a worry when they exclaim they are not seeing anyone. In all honesty, is very vague. What classes as an extreme emergency?

    Yes, I can understand the reasons behind it. But how do you know if you have an emergency? An example would be maybe you feel you are unwell or you know you’re not right. Is this an emergency when it could be something like god forbid, cancer. That we are all aware of in some cases if its not treated in its early stages can be fatal. Which in normal times tests would be fast-tracked because its seen as an emergency on a GP,s recommendation. That would in sometimes start off as you just don’t feel right.

    It’s hard enough to get an appointment at my surgery in before lockdown but now it’s impossible.

    So question being. Since Lockdown have you had to have any dealings with any medical service? Was it a good experience?


    I must say I’m a lucky one who does not have many dealings with doctors very often. Mainly because I do not really have faith in them and god willing other than a few age-related problems I am relatively still healthy. Long may I stay that way.


    Oh gosh Im like you Rowena, I will try everything I know first to avoid the doctor. Im not impressed with ours anyway.

    My dentist and physio are a different matter I have a very down to earth dentist who says what he thinks and I like that, my next appointment is in July so I think that will be ok but I am planning to cancel my hygenist appointment on June 6th thats just a bit too soon for my liking. I want to see how things pan out first.

    My physio has just reopened and I had a nice email but I dont really need her just yet so Ive emailed back and said Im managing and will contact her as an when I need to come in.

    My friend had to go up to the hospital last month to see her diabetes doctor and that appointment went ahead but she was only allowed into the hospital alone (I normally go with her) she had to arrive no more than 10 minutes before her appointment and the waiting area was socially distanced. Hand scrub was required on the way in and out of the building. No toilets or coffee facilities available.

    All very well organised and very effecient but thats not abnormal for our health service.

    Ive also had to take the dog to the vet,, just vaccinations and yearly health check but similar rules applied.  I  had an appointment when I got there I  phoned to say I was outside and was told to wait outside for another client to leave, they came out the front door and I was allowed in via the side door. I weighed the dog and then put him in the treatment room attached by his lead to a wall hook. I then walked to the waiting room  and from behind the desk the vet went in treated the dog and then let him come to me. The vet then stood behind the desk which had a large plastic screen told me what she thought (all good) and I paid via card after I used handscub to ensure clean hands on the pin machine.

    No contact and very minimal risk.

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    I had to take mum to a previously arranged appointment early on before the main lockdown hit. Things were relaxed then so it was not too much of a problem except for the hand scrub and notices all over. She does have a retinography scan this month but I have seen no appointment letter and do not expect it to go ahead. It’s only a check as she is diabetic but I could well imagine there will be problems missed for a number of patients without it. Otherwise, as far as I remember, her next appointment could well be the flu jab before the winter.

    Luckily we have not needed the surgery but my OH’s prescriptions have been confusingly re-organised.


    For my lab work before the lockdown, I normally entered through the front door, checked in with the front desk, and sat in the waiting room until I was called.  I was then led through another set of closed double doors to sit in a smaller waiting room in the hallway outside the lab/x-ray section.  I would then be escorted into one of the drawing rooms where a technician would conduct the test.  Once the results are known, the technician would have me wait in the hall until the doctor examines the results.  It is then that he tells me either to continue or change my nightly dosage and when to return for another INR…a month at the most.

    I’ve had to get this test done three times since the lockdown.  My doctor’s office has switched the waiting room to the parking lot…meaning that I have to call from my car to check in for my appointment.  Then, they lead me in through a side door straight into an exam room, where I wait to have my INR test.  I wait there until I get my “marching orders” and go out those (now) open double doors to the front desk to schedule my next one.  I then leave the way I came in.

    I wasn’t aware that my doctor’s office had minimized their staff as well.  During my latest visit, the technician told me that she had just returned after being laid off for two months.  She told me that the technician who normally does my test is laid off as well.  I just thought she was busy doing x-rays.

    I guess, one could always call the doctor’s office if you’re not feeling well.  They can then determine whether it’s an urgent matter requiring their attention or an emergency requiring a visit to the hospital’s ER.


    I have been told from someone who works in the department I did that their community work has been minimised. Now the technical staff are working from home, on call for emergency breakdowns on a 7 day week and the other staff who would normally do assessments and other close contact work have been re-deployed to help with the outbreak.


    Side note. My daughter and I take part in a long term health study and during this crisis we have been filling in weekly questionaires rating our risk our moods and our fears.

    Its a study to see how the threat of infection impacts on life. I have to say social distancing is not a problem for me or my daughter who is loving working from home. For me life hasnt really changed..Im not social at the best of times and this virus gives me the best excuse to stay away from people Ive ever had.

    But I do realise that it is having an impact on others, my mum said if she wasnt going to dialysis three times a week she would be isolated and see no one except my brother (me via skype) shes feeling depressed and lonely as it is and she says if this goes on much longer shes not sure if she can cope. I do wonder how very social people or those with MH problems who need social interaction are coping.



    As far as an interruption to life is concerned. I miss seeing my friends. I mean we keep in touch by WhatsApp but it’s just not quite the same. I miss doing my volunteer work. Meeting new people and such like during the course of the day and not being able to feel I’m doing something constructive. I have used skype a lot more. Particularly one friend who lives to far away to visit for a day but not far away enough to have such different worlds. We now talk a couple of times a week where before it was just an email or a phone call maybe once a month. So if anything I have lost a few regular contacts but gained a few too. I do not mind the staying in too much but I’m glad of that exercise every day. Just getting out for a while means so much. I’m not sure if I could stay indoors for 2 months before the internet. I think if it wasn’t for this I would be going out of my mind. But then again I suppose we have been spoiled by the way we can interact now. I would think people who are actually much older would find it much less stressful.


    I haven’t needed to see the doctor since lockdown due to illness. But I was due for a blood test and an appointment the week after. However, that will not happen. I have not needed to go to hospital. My sister refuses to go to hospital to have a blood test: even though with the talk over the phone, she was told she needed one. My sister simply will not put herself at risk. I am disappointed that my local medical centre is closed: but it is lockdown. I see the doctor every 3 months for a medical review. However, this’ll be longer now.

    Rowena: I also do volunteer work. I work at a charity. I have done so for over a decade. It is a good job and I like making a difference to lives. I also worked with the disabled for years and years. What volunteer work do you do, Rowena? I’d love to know more!

    I want this lockdown over and life back to normal. The sheer number of lives lost is utterly devastating, too: so many families are in mourning. We have lost a great deal all over the world. It isn’t a free holiday: it is a horror film.


    I am part of a very large HMO and even though I have health issues I usually only see a doctor twice a year unless it’s an emergency. I was due for my 6 month check up the end of March and was rescheduled 3 times before they told me the doctor would call me instead of actually seeing me. Well the call didn’t come off and I ended up emailing him with my concerns. I have no problem with social distancing, I live on a small farm and we are mostly self sufficient. I feel so sorry for people who are out of work and are in debt. I know this virus is a burden for most people, but this too shall pass and it’s best to follow what the experts say so we can all be safe.


    I’m starting to understand like the forum works, thanks Cassandra.

    To read your comment is for me like open my mind; to see that you and me , unknown at opposite pole of the world, are leaving the same situation is very different that listen to this on the news.

    My son  loves very much her granmather, not  seeing each other for two months was very hard for them .


    Indeed reading about how people are dealing with this in their own words is very different to hearing news articles , I think even when people talk to camera they dont really say what they think..

    Many of the old peoples homes here have put up a special visiting room the resident enters from one end of the room or cabin and the visitor from the other. But the room is devided in two by a glass screen so that families can see and speak to each other but are not putting loved ones at risk. One care manager explained that many of his elderly residents just dont understand skype they think they are watching a film and dont understand that they are watching their families in real time and can interact via the screen so these visiting rooms are much better for them.

    I am lucky that my mother understands skype. She is in London I am in the Netherlands so on Sunday mornings we take our tea, sit in front of our screens and have a long chat. Nothing important just day to day things also if I buy new shoes or a new dress I make sure I have it in my office so I can show her ..’look I bought these what do you think’?

    We talk about what we have done whats on TV old neighbours etc just as if I was there in person. I think chats about nothing in particular are just as important as the life or death conversations.


    I thought you are american! Are english all ladies?

    In Italy se are heading towords a phase of normalcy.

    Tomorrow finally reopened shops.

    I’m an optician and work in a shopping center. We are ready to work with PPE but I’m little worrenty could wrong something.A lot of people have afraid the covid so I hope they don’t come in the center uselessly.

    We could review our friends with distance 3 ft…better than nothing!

    The greater difficulty is closed school. For many parents that work it’s big problem, despite State aid.

    Many employers don’t hear about parental leave…they need worker!

    Some people are very nervous so them health is under pressure.

    Practicin yoga and following my diet I can stay in equilibrium…sometime😌


    I think it looks very strange at the moment with the queues to get into the supermarkets. I understand the problem with parental leave and childcare Lafr@. I don’t have that problem but I can see that it is not good for the companies as well as workers. Here in England the government is attempting to open the schools again but, as it is nearly the summer anyway, I am not sure if that is a good idea. Perhaps best to leave them unil the autumn.

    Walking through the supermarket yesterday I think I saw the survivors of this. They were walking around, shopping and being careful, but with a cheery smile and obvious optomistic attitude. It was nice to at least communicate visually. We will return to normal!


    I think you are very wise to follow your diet and yoga @Lafr ..

    So many people are just lounging around watching TV and some are not even getting showered I saw an article that said sales of personal hygine products, like deodorant have fallen sharply YUK… Being at home does not mean being dirty.

    We have continued to get up at 6,30 to walk our dogs for at least an hour then we eat and do our chores walk the dogs again,, after dinner in the evening we are out walking again.

    For me the lifting of the semi lockdown we have had is causing me more stress than lockdown did, I realise Im am happier when I dont meet people on my walk.And if there are less people walking past it also makes me happier.

    I think I will keep this in mind when I decide to move house and will look for something a bit more remote than this house.

    I know I will need a hairdresser at some point and I know I have to have my eyes checked soon but being so close to people who are being exposed to so many others is a little worrying..



    You and me are on the same page, cassandra: even though we’re in lockdown I continue to shower every single morning. I also still clean my apartment regularly and cook dinner properly each night.

    I don’t shower for other people’s benefit: I shower because it makes me feel good and comfortable in my clothes. Being sweaty and uncomfortable in awful and I refuse to let the lockdown leave me a sweaty, smelly mess*

    Anyhow, I stil want this madness to stop. Life has to get back to normal or we will all go mad.

    *soapbox! LOL

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