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    My name is Tracy. I live in a quiet area of England in the UK.

    I am here because I am now winding down in my job and have more time to get to know people, but outside of work, have a quiet social life. My job is rather technical and I have been rather engrossed (If I get too nerdy please let me know 🙂 ). It includes meeting people out in the community, so with the wind-down I am feeling a bit out of things.

    Well the boring bit aside, I love drawing an painting and enjoy meeting at the art group I go to. I also like to sew when I get chance, although that is mainly alterations and adaptations rather than creating new dresses. I like to combine my art and design as well. I have many other hobbies so do keep busy 🙂

    I am looking forward to getting to know everyone

    Tracy x


    Hi Tracy, welcome to the forum! Sounds like you have lots of creative and interesting hobbies and going to an art group sounds really fun. Look forward to seeing you on the forum : )


    Here’s another welcome! I look forward to reading your posts. I am a creative soul myself: I love creative writing. Merry Christmas!


    Thank you for the replies 🙂

    I have been looking around a little and wondering how busy the forum is. I am looking forward to joining in and getting to know you all. Hope you have a nice Christmas too!


    Welcome to the forum Tracy!

    I love arts and crafts. I want to get back into painting, it has been a few years since I’ve gotten paint on paper. Do you paint, what medium to you use? I was painting with watercolors and love it!

    Feel free to post pictures of your work and inspire the rest of us 🙂


    Thank you x

    I usually draw with pens these days and paint with Acrylics. I like painting with a transparent glaze over a pen drawing. I find watercolur a bit ‘washed out in general although I have come across some very beautiful paintings in recent months that have really changed my view.

    I do need to sort an avatar so perhaps one there to start with 🙂 x


    That is a fun idea posting your art as your avatar.

    I agree watercolors can be a little washed out. I do enjoy acrylics for that reason but really don’t have a space to keep that set up in my house.

    Where do you paint? Do you have an area in your home?

    Do you make gifts with any of your paintings?


    I don’t have a lot of space either but am organised with everything in boxes so easy to retrieve. It just takes a few minutes so it is easy to miss opportunities. I draw more often than paint as the art group I am part of grew from drawing classes. It is somewhat advanced now so members do far more than straight pencil drawing.

    I usually paint sat at the dining room table, although sometimes in my ‘study’ upstairs or sat in front of the computer if I am working with an image on the screen. Sometimes I do cheat a bit as I also tend to use the flat screen on the monitor as a light box and trace things onto paper hence getting the main proportion right ( :red: ).

    In our art group this year as a ‘Secret Santa’ idea we have picked one of the group names out of the hat and created a Christmas card for them. That was good! The card I produced, I drew in ink and then coloured with an Acrylic wash. If it loads this is it:

    Attached files


    Fun card! I love the composition of the horns outside the red placeholder.

    I think that is a great idea for a light box. I actually do have a table with a light box but it is always covered in my work!

    Your art group sounds like fun.

    I would love to join one, one day.

    Do you have elk in England? There are a few groups that are protected here in Oregon USA. There was a trail by my old house you could go on and run into them. They are such incredible curious creatures. I know you have done a Reindeer/deer on your card but I always admired elks and their horns too and was curious if you had them in England 😉


    Here is a video of our lovely Elk on the Oregon coast near where I used to live. I just think they are magnificent creatures!



    Thank you x

    I do have a small light box as well. That is how I got the idea.

    Thank you for the link. It is interesting how close the Elk live with society. Apart from those in zoos and private collections we don’t hve Elk here I don’t think. Local to me we have the small Muntjac deer. They are getting very common, even though shy, and are causing problems with accidents. I have seen one early morning very close to home, and several within a few miles. Some deer have even been seen within the city boundaries of LIncoln (my home town).

    I have also seen one somewhat larger locally. Probably Roe deer, but it moved away so fast that I am not sure. We do have larger ones than Muntjac deer locally but except in private ownership, no Red Deer (the largest in UK).

    Do your Elk cause problems?


    The elk are treated like people’s pets here. There are some farms and/or areas that have sanctioned lots of land off just to keep them protected (away from hunters, cars and such).

    The elk are kind of like celebrities here, when they are out and about they have paparazzi following them 🙂

    I had a nice trail I could hike and sometimes find them. They are so large up close and person! They keep together in a pack and really just enjoy grazing the land and growing their families.

    I saw a fox one time in London. It was the first time I ever saw a fox! That was strange seeing it running around a city. But I guess that happens. I always wanted to live somewhere where I could find things like fox, owls, and wild life in abundance. I’m guessing that is getting harder and harder to find these days plus. I also like living nearby civilization!

    Do you enjoy living in Lincoln?



    Hi and welcome!

    The most we have around here are kangaroo’s and wombats.
    Sometime’s the kangaroo’s and wombats like to play on the roads which never ends well.

    Your sewing sounds very interesting and by the sound of it your not going to be bored at all when your work start’s to slow down for you.

    G 🙂


    Wow the Elk are beautiful arent they. No I dont think we have Elk here in the UK. When we go on walks around the South Downs we sometimes see Fallow deer. You have to be pretty lucky though to spot them as they are very shy.

    We get a lot of foxes around at night where we live, usually when it’s really cold they’ll be looking around gardens for scraps of food. They do make a scary loud scream noise to each other which makes you jump at night when you’re sleeping,


    Hi Tracy and a very warm welcome to the forum. Sounds as if you come from a lovely part of the UK with wild animals close by. I’m from the south east so the most we see are urban foxes.

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